Discussion: House Votes To Dismantle Key Dodd-Frank Bank Rules

"We’ve got an economic implosion to trigger, boys. All hands on deck!"

So much to grift, so little time.


The Bank House of Representatives … not the peoples House of Representatives.

Hurry up! Put all your eggs in one basket. What could go wrong, AGAIN?


Next economic downturn, recession, inflation, will all be on Republican’s heads and hands.
Maybe this time voters will understand that Republicans don’t care. A person can dream.


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” G. Santayana


One gets the impression that we’ll see the big supervillain finale, with the self-destruct sequence initiated, debris falling everywhere, and the 1% heading for the exits with all the loot. You know, again.


And then when the dumpster fires are burned out and the rape and pillage has ended, that 1% will step back in with cash, as cash, once again, will be King.


The legislation is aimed at especially helping small and medium-sized banks, including community banks and credit unions.

No, AP, it really isn’t. Small and medium-sized banks do not have assets of more than $50 billion. Pretty much by definition.

Also it’s not just “critics” who say that failure to report basic information about loans will make it easier to discriminate. It’s simply a fact. If you don’t know when people with the same credit score are getting radically different loan terms, then you really can’t regulate intelligently.


I recognize this part!

This is the scene in the heist movie where the security system is triggered, the criminals grab whatever they can from the safety deposit boxes, and try to get away before the police arrive.


This the scene where the guys who can make the crash happen, do so and short the whole world.


Why do I have visions of the movie The Postman, the Costner one, coming to mind? And who will play Tom Petty’s part now?

Don’t you understand? They take all the eggs and very carefully put them in a secure Cayman Island shelter, so banking executives will have a place to comfortably live when the US economy implodes. They forgot to do enough advanced planning prior to the Great Recession.

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Impeachment insurance. Who wants to step into the Presidency just before the (already) inevitable crash happens? Who will get the blame?

I hate these guys so much!

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Exactly what hrc would have done. /s


the eight years since its enactment

We really can’t wait to burn it all down again, huh?

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33 Democrats voted for it, and one Republican, Walter B. Jones of North Carolina, voted against it.

The legislation will leave fewer than 10 big banks in the United States subject to stricter federal oversight, freeing thousands of banks with less than $250 billion in assets from a post-crisis crackdown that they have long complained is too onerous.

For those who are prone to criticize Pelosi because of gender, age, seniority or any combination of these, here’s her position on the gift to big financial institutions

“It’s a bad bill under the guise of helping community banks,” Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the Democratic minority leader, said during debate on the House floor on Tuesday. “The bill would take us back to the days when unchecked recklessness on Wall Street ignited an historic financial meltdown.”


That silver tongued devil occupying the WH put it best when he promised to “do a big number on Dodd-Frank.”

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I was never clear whether he meant the same “big number” he saves for porn stars, or attractive female reporters, or teenage beauty-pageant contestants, or gold star families, or foreign autocrats he’s absolutely not supposed to congratulate on “winning” rigged elections, or directors of the FBI, or legislation he simultaneously supports and opposes.

He’s not often very precise in his speech, so I didn’t know if I should congratulate Dodd-Frank or get it a rape kit.

There’s a 14-year old boy living inside of the occupant, and you know how confused and confusing boys can be.


I find it hard to imagine that a 14-year-old could have developed such crude and entitled avarice.

Of course, I never grew up the son of a hundred-millionaire, knowing I’d never have to lift a finger in my life and that my wealth would prompt everyone nearby to cater to my every whim since the day I was born.