Discussion: House Russia Probe Wants To Interview Trump Bodyguard-Turned-Aide Schiller

Getting closer and closer to the orange epicenter of the Russia House…


Next the House Intelligence Committee will go after the Tiffany’s security guard who’s said to be bonking Melanija.


Well that’s ridiculous. Everyone knows Prefect of the Praetorian Guard answers only to the Emperor.


Ah, that pillow talk…

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I think Caligula had a German Praetorian Guard for that reason. Vee cannot trust zeez Ahmerikhans to guard his orangeship. Zey vill tell zee tales out of zee schule.

He would certainly know whom trump talked to personally (although he might well not answer). But he’s also one of the people potentially on the hook for immediate legal trouble on the Comey firing. If he knew what he was delivering, and he knew that it was intended to hinder an ongoing criminal investigation, then he is part of a conspiracy.


Willie Cicci.

Oh he’ll tell them the truth…eye rolll…

I can’t see him telling anyone anything at all. He’ been with Trump for too long and is too loyal.

It’s possible that as a longtime high-end muscle he might imagine that there would be no consequences for rubbing people’s faces in what he and his boss have done. (No, I’m not betting on that, but Trump’s Razor says that the stupidest possible thing you can imagine still falls short.)


Meathead bodyguard-turned-White House aide Keith Schiller to the House Intelligence Committee:You wanna interview me? Listen carefully, cuz I’m only gonna say it once. I’ll be doin’ all of the interviewin’ around here.”

This ex-cop from New York is most certainly well schooled at lying under oath. He will have no problem at all in this situation. Plus, since it’s the House, all the Republicans will want to talk about is how well he’s protecting the president’s signing hand.