Discussion: House GOP Leader Endorses 'Nuclear Option' In Senate (VIDEO)

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So Representative McCarthy thinks he’s a US Senator, and Senator Carnival Cruz thinks he’s a US House Representative. Yep. Clear as mud. Nope, no boundaries issues there…


Or…you know…rather than continuing to try and force the American people to swallow your unpopular and unworkable policies, you could try actually taking responsibility for your worthless and destructive policies and risk getting kicked out of Congress OR maybe you could do the right thing, pass what the majority of Americans want and stop being hell bent on destroying this country.


McCarthy said it’s not “nuclear” when “57 percent of the Senate voted for the Collins amendment that would take away the president’s action.”

“That’s not nuclear, when 57 percent of the American representation says it’s wrong. That’s not in the Constitution. I think they should change the rule,” he said.

I wholeheartedly agree. Let Republicans be the ones to take 60 votes off the table and return the Senate to majority vote for passage of legislation. Let’s do this! It will make life even more miserable for McConnell, make 2017 a very productive year for the new Democratically controlled Senate, and will give President Obama many opportunities to brag about all the idiotic legislation he vetoed. This would be the worst (political) thing that could ever happen to Ayotte, Rubio, Kirk, Toomey, Johnson, and Portman. Do it!


The fact that he can now say it’s wrong and bad to require a supermajority to move legislation and not get himself struck by lightning is a very strong argument for atheism. Or deism, at least. Or a God who thinks IOKIYAR. Something.


Yep. Right now, McConnell is the Senate’s biggest fan of the 60-vote filibuster.


and keep in mind… we’re only in to 2 months of republican majority rule… gonna be a very loooong 2 years.


Shoot, I hope so. This Republican led Congress is far more fun than I ever could’ve possibly imagined. And to think, I was crying on election night. Should’ve been crying tears of joy.


Bring it, motherfucker. You do that. Because we’ve got a Democratic president with a stamp and a pen and an election coming up when all the stuff that worked for you in '14 will be flipped. Please, oh please do that.


“It was OK when we did it.”


Absolutely. I know McConnell. I don’t know him personally (thank God), but as one of his constituents I feel I know the man fairly well, politically speaking. He hates all of this. He’s probably lost a few pounds from the stress of all the pressure. More than anything, he wants to remain Majority Leader beyond 2016 and he wants to get some legacy building shit done. He doesn’t want to top off his career with having been the least productive Majority Leader in history nor does he want to be remembered as the Bull Connor to Barack Obama’s presidency. The only hope of him saving himself, salvaging his legacy is to be able to throw up his arms and say, “Welp, we just didn’t have the votes.”


Do it. Really, just do it and pass all your crap. And then stfu.


He’s just Gingrich writ large. One after another, he smashed the unwritten rules and conventions that made our ridiculous governmental form work because he correctly perceived that doing so would take him to leadership and then, having achieved that position discovered that it was impossible to do anything with the office without them.


The hypocrisy of these people is almost beyond imagining. Until January, they denounced any challenge to the filibuster as an attack on the Constitution, the end of democracy, etc., etc. Now that it’s being used against them, they say the exact opposite without the faintest hint of embarrassment. (Of course they know the media will never call them on the contradiction, but still, they truly have no shame. Not that that comes as any surprise by this point.)


Or umm…and I know this sounds crazy…you could actually work together and compromise on something passable that will get through the House and Senate that the president can sign.

Here is the problem. The GOP has painted themselves so far in the corner that it would take a chisel to get themselves out. And no, the president or the Democrats can’t rescue you. Over the past 6 years they have vilified Obama, called him Hitler, a traitor, anti-American, not American, a socialist Muslim, a king, a dictator, and any other word to make him seem “other” to work their base up into a frothy rage. So that if they do agree with him on some points or gasp! work with him, they will be seen as consorting with the enemy. And gawd forbid they do that. They can’t even see that all this is THEIR OWN MAKING! And shame on the “liberal” media for not calling them the fuck out.

Wanna stop Obama’s “lawlessness”? Work together to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Oh, who am I kidding. They have no interest in doing so and instead of dmitting that, they will instead blame Obama for them doing nothing. Smiley


The Hassert Rule isn’t part of the Constitution either. Is he proposing to dump that so that when the Senate sends a bill to the House for consideration the House has to vote on it?

Until then, STFU!


When I hear Republicans bitching about the filibusters, I flash back to the last 6 years of Republican obstructionists and filibusters.

Each time they open their month on this topic, they should be questioned on how they can speak given their actions. Or… is it ok to criticize it now that it is not them doing it?

Ran across this article just now when looking for numbers… it is an article from last September on the impact to the country on the Republican obstructionism… http://ourfuture.org/20140923/the-cost-to-our-economy-from-republican-obstruction-and-sabotage


All this from Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-Flip Flop)

Trouble is…they don’t risk getting kicked out of Congress in way too many of those House seats due to untenable gerrymandered districts…and they know this. They can continue being jackasses or a bunch of nihilists intent on destroying American democracy as we know it, because they really don’t give a fuck. They have the advantage of essentially lifetime tenure the way they’ve rigged much of the electoral prospects in the House of Representatives. That’s what’s most disturbing to me. Their gerrymandering has created this never-ending obstruction and put the entire country at risk, especially as it relates to must-pass legislation. Democratic candidates can continue to win the popular vote around the country as they have, and those Republican seats will still be safe for whoever runs for them. Its fucking criminal.


Just when I figured out the difference between House and Senate, Representatives and Senators, now some idiot Representative comes along pontificating on how the Senate should be run, while Cruz is pontificating how the House should be run. Oh and not to mention Mr. Yahoo coming from Israel to tell us how the US should run the country/world/Iran.