Discussion: House Dems Move Quickly To Roll Back Trump Emergency, Pass Torch To Senate

The vote could be challenging for GOP lawmakers who view themselves as conservative protectors of the Constitution and the powers of the federal purse that are reserved for Congress.
That shit went out the window some time ago. Applies only to the second Amendment and anything Democrats want to do. This will expose them as who they are. Trump Grifters
Party and Power to the 1% above all else.
You go Nancy , The adds are writing themselves as we speak


If wall financing comes from pork barrel projects that legislators have set up to advance their personal and political fortunes, there will be more blood and screaming than a Palin family reunion.


having gotten in bed with Trump, the Schadenfraude of watching the Pubs squeal like a pig about the place they are in politically and morally is

Is something to behold.

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Jokes and snark (including from Yours Truly) are fun.

But if Trump end-runs Congress, we just have one section of Government:

The Dictator, Donald Trump, who will be free to pull this stunt any time he wants.


“Torch” ?

More like “Hot Potato”…

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First, all that is needed for the lawsuits against Trump to have a much much higher chance of success is a vote in congress to repeal. Trump Vetoing that (using his own power) does not undercut the legal impact of an express congressional disapproval, which is very important since they have the constitutional authority of the purse. The constitutional theory is that trump can’t use his limited power of the veto to steal/seize the power expressly given to congress, not him.

The Courts are IMHO highly likely to strike down what Trump is doing, both at the lower court level, but also at the Supreme Court level. Why? Well because if they don’t the precedent will be used for actual emergencies - and ones that don’t intrude on the congressional power of spending so directly (and as such are far more defensible under the Youngstown Sheet factors) - like guns, climate change, abortion restrictions, voting restrictions, roadblocks to access to heath care, drug costs. Roberts knows this, and its also possible that Thomas will stand on principle on this.

The actual conservatives (Roberts and Thomas) know that its game over for restricting the power of the next (DEMOCRATIC) president if they uphold Trump’s $$$$ grab in the face of congressional disapproval. Alito and it appears Gorscuh are hacks, I can’t totally tell on KAV at this point, but that is sui generis, if Roberts (and perhaps Thomas) hold the line. And I might add that for partisan animals, I would expect the “republicans” to join an opinion striking down Trump’s efforts (making it 9-0) vs leaving a dissent suggesting the president can do this that could then be used by the next DEMOCRATIC administration in better facts.


Don’t need a torch with all the flaming a**holes in the Senate there could be one hell of a fire.

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Trump is trying to establish lots of personal projects as emergencies and abusing “security” to do it. This is a pattern.

  1. The wall.

  2. Imposing auto parts tariffs.
    “The White House said in a statement Wednesday that the president had asked Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to consider whether the imports of automobiles, including trucks, and automotive parts threaten U.S. national security. The president said in the statement that “core industries such as automobiles and automotive parts are critical to our strength as a Nation.”

  3. His new anti climate change “working group”—hand picked members who opposes the President’s own security advisors’ and Pentagon positions on the fact of climate change, will be a “working group” under the NSC, and not be subject to public accountability. The Permanent Crisis, of Marx and Mao is alive in Trump?

“The idea of a new working group, which top administration officials discussed Friday in the White House Situation Room, represents a modified version of an earlier plan to establish a federal advisory panel on climate and national security. That plan - championed by William Happer, an NSC senior director and a physicist who has challenged the idea that carbon dioxide could damage the planet - would have created an independent federal advisory committee.

The Federal Advisory Committee Act imposes several ground rules for such panels, including that they meet in public, are subject to public records requests and include a representative membership.

The new working group would not be subject to any of those requirements.”


The vote could be challenging for GOP lawmakers who view themselves as conservative protectors of the Constitution and the powers of the federal purse that are reserved for Congress.

okay, when did that happen?
Only under these guys?
Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
James K. Polk
Franklin Pierce
James Buchanan
Grover Cleveland
Woodrow Wilson
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry Truman
John F. Kennedy
Lyndon Johnson
Jimmy Carter
Bill Clinton
Barack Obama
mmmmmm could be. lol


People in red states, get in touch with your Senators now!
Remind them that Donald J. Trump does not give a damn about you or your party.


I agree. Trump personally is a Coward.

I have been impressed more by the “courage” of his enablers. Enablers that the GOP Senate seems to equate with Trump himself.

ETA Trump is remarkably obedient to those from whom he receives instruction. The fact that the Fourth Estate has not focused more on this borders on malpractice.


So they learned from Trump’s hoax Commission on Voter Fraud, better keep it under wraps.


Rachel and Lawrence have done some good work on this subject – check them out when you have a moment.


They need help.

The BothSiderism, the Normalization of the Indefensible Trump Presidency calls for much more than what we have done so far.

I have a hunch that when Trump falls, a lot of Fourth Estate folks will come out like Lex Luther in Superman II…

“Hey Superman! I was with you all the time!!!”

(after all the money is wrung out of us covering Trump).

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