Discussion: House Dems Blast Science Committee For Promoting Breitbart Climate Article

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Post-fact America!!!


It’s also a fact that La Niña caused it to rain unicorns in Nepal. Did the mainstream media report that? Of course not!


Their sighting a drop in “Land temperatures” when 2/3s the fricking planet is covered with water…


Unicorns fart rainbows. Nepal should be beautiful this time of year.

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Isn’t it about time for renowned climatologist James Inhofe to show up with a snowball as Indisputable Proof™ of their claims?


Looks like the nation’s scientists need to start the process of how to work in Canada.


Democrats are such meanies, trying to disabuse rightwingers of their fondest fantasies.

Unfortunately, these are the people who control the budgets for all of the science agencies funding critical research and observations to address these issues. By turning science into a political issue and demanding equal time and treatment of facts and opinions (no matter how stupid), these jackasses have virtually guaranteed the right wing echo chamber can seal the planet’s fate. What do they care so long as they keep getting rich and never have to pay the bill?

And really - could it be any more infuriating to read this on the same day as reading about the Trump mouthpiece who claims there really are no such thing as facts anymore? These people are trying to kill me. I have not been able to maintain a reasonable blood pressure for a single 24 hour period since election day.

I believe the phrase you’re looking for is “liberal fascism!”

*The exclamation point is required by the party platform.

When Breitbart (aka The Dead Blowhards Society) and its contributors can use slide rules to figure out how to send humans to the moon and back, they can debate NASA’s science on climate change and climate modeling.

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In reality, real science (not made-up GOP science) tells us these past few years have been record breakers for global warming.

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Obviously young meant this sarcastically. But I begin to suspect that Canada could in fact benefit similarly to how the US benefitted from the influx of German emigrant scientist getting the heck out of Nazi Germany. That trend started long before the full picture of the depravity of the Nazis fully emerged, simply because they were anti-science.

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In related news, Democrats in Congress officially proposed to change the name of the House Science Committee to the Republican “Science” Committee.

Take a step back from this and marvel at how insane this is…the House Science committee tweeted a link to a bogus science denying news story published in Breitbart—a publication known for such fine science writing as “Here’s Why There Ought to Be a Cap on Women Studying Science …” and the “Scientists Who Are Actually Stupid” series.

By the way…speaking of Breitbart…have you all bought your Kellogg’s products yet today?

In case you didn’t know, Breitbart is trying to organize a boycott of Kellogg’s, because they pulled their ads from the Breitbart website.


I’m eating a big bowl of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes as I am reading this thread.


House Science Committee chairman is Lamar Smith.

The same Lamar Smith who is a regular contributor at Breitbart, and is fully credited at their page. I’m sure that’s totally a coincidence though.

Not so insane when you note that the chairman of this committee is a regular contributing writer at Breitbart.

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If they were seriously contemplating this, it’s a favourable time to do so; liberal government in majority that’s very science friendly.