Discussion: Hollywood Reporter Editor Passes Blame On All-White Cover: It Isn't Us, It's The Industry

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In the early 1970s, feminist art historian Linda Nochlin posed the question, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?”

People of color need to stop looking for acceptance and affirmation from institutions built by and for white people.

You’ve got the BET awards, the NAACP Image awards, the Latin Grammy’s. Fuck Oscar, Emmy, and Tony.

Would it be nice for society to recognize entertainers of color on a more consistent basis? Sure, but a person of color basing their self worth on whether or not white America accepts them is a fools errand.


Considering the lag time on movies, the complaints are about three years too late.


Remember Willie Sutton’s reply when he was asked why he robbed banks: “Because that’s where the money is”.


Well, looks like blacks are 12.2% of the USA population.

I see eight women up there.

If there was some sort of proportional representation, we’d ALMOST have one black woman up there.

Latinos are 16.4%. They’d have a more solid complaint.

What I would like to know is what exactly is the number of blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other nonwhite who are writing for The Hollywood Reporter and TPM.

I keep seeing how THR, TPM, the Huffington Post and other media are always doing stories about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, but I noticed no numbers or stories are ever cited about their inclusion of lack thereof.

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Let’s see a THR cover with every studio head; and yet another cover with every major executive producer. Those are the people responsible, not the on-screen hired help.


There does not appear to be a racist motive for that cover. Its a photo of the women up for an award and they happen to be white. The Academy has awarded many Oscar’s to people that are not white. If they were all Black would these same people be outraged over that? Is there something wrong in being white?

You diminish the significance of the Oscar when won by a Black person if its mandatory they be in the run.

I can see where Conservatives get their anger. This is a silly attempt to place racism where it is not and that folks is racism. This isn’t helpful, is likely to turn people off and in the end won’t do anything to advance equality.

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Yup. And just what is the value of an Oscar if it must be dished out with racial considerations. If there’s evidence that racism played a roll in that cover and Black women were intentionally kept of of the photo bring that on. But there’s nothing inherently evil in a photo of 8 White women. To suggest there is or that these folks had a malignant reason for not including a Black person only because they are White is racism.