Discussion: Hillary Clinton On Mississippi Senate Race: Lesson Is Expand Your Base

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with all due respect Mrs Clinton but black voters didn’t become part of any non-existing “expansion” of the Republican party but they voted for the less shitty opponent.An old racist arsehole against a David Duke type


The GOP is constantly expanding its base. There are old people going senile and forgetting
which box to check off everyday.


Oh please Hillary, go away for the next 6 months and work on your game. This is one of the dumbest analysis possible. Yes Democrats, take a lesson from Mississippi and start appealing to Tea Party bigots.

Um, that’s not what she said. She’s saying that the G.O.P. can’t survive unless it expands its base.

But it’s still a flawed analysis. The G.O.P. can’t expand its base. If it moves towards the center, the RWNJ’s revolt, and either put up their own looney tune candidate, or they sit on their hands and don’t turn out to vote. If it stays well and truly on the right-wing fringe, it loses the independents. I don’t see how the Republicans can put together a winning combination, beyond their current strategy of relying on gerrymandering and voter suppression.


for some reason many white americans seem to have the impression that the african americans who voted for cochran is s d sign that African Americans are ready to vote for the GOP. no, they are not. the black voters in missippi voted for cochran because he was the lessor of two evils.

that is all. the gop have made it perfectly clear the prefet heterosexual, male wasp. others need not apply.


Hmmm. Maybe Bill Maher was right, Hillary should hide for a while.

The people who had to get way out of their comfort zones were the blacks and democrats who had no choice but to vote for Cochran.

Just me but positively spinning the opportunity to lay a cheap shot seems more benign than telegraphing oppositional instructions .


I’ve yet to observe the first opinion that Mississippi African Americans did anything other than vote for the lesser of two evils.

I’ve seen a few opinions that it’ll be tougher to elect the Democrat but that’s no reason for me to imagine blacks will roll GOPer in the general.

I said that the lesson was, get out the vote. Not quite the same thing but more important if you ask me.

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It was a sign that the guy the Cochran campaigned hired to head up the GOTV effort in the black communities knows what he is doing.

And its someone Childers should be making every effort to get on board for the General.

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this is the new “hot item” from the friends of chris mcdaniel facebook page. this is apparently their “smoking gun”… http://gotnews.com/