Discussion: Hillary Clinton Kicking Off High-Profile Book Tour

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I guess a book tour is a traditional way for a candidate to kick off a campaign, but I would much rather see her flying from state to state helping Democrats win. Apparently her handlers don’t want her touching the 2014 midterm because Republicans have all the advantages.

Sharp commentary from Abby Martin:

Hillary Clinton 2016: A Recipe for Endless War

And where are the trolls
Send in the trolls
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Clearly you have no substantive rebuttal to any of the claims made in the video. You then double and triple compound your proud ignorance by assuming that I’m a right wing libertarian who listens to Glen Beck, Alex Jones or Rush. You live in a tiny political box enmeshed in a bubble of limited understanding of the world and therefore all you have remaining to offer is third grade name calling.

Perhaps some day soon you will come to understand why millions of people are fleeing the Democratic party but probably not.

Please tell me which political party I hack for?

Additionally, I’m still waiting for a substantive response to the video I posted above.

Clearly you’re incapable of providing any reasoned answer which is why you continue to unleash personal attacks and engage in name calling.

First, you must answer this question: Are you still beating your wife?

No hedging, no obfuscation–this is a yes or no question!

#Are you still beating your wife?!