Discussion: High Latino Turnout May Cost Trump Florida

This would be the sweetest aspect of the Drumpf defeat!

Can’t wait for that Taco Truck on my corner!


Si se puedes!!


Trump seems to be good for Democracy here in Florida. In Duval County ( Jacksonville ) where I live Blacks and Hispanics are voting in higher numbers than ever before. I’m sure as the local GOP says that out of a love of Trump. My best friend is a Jew that never votes. He is this time though. Pepe motivated him.

Trump is great for Democracy.


May, may, may, I will turn of the computer for the next 24 hours and cross my fingers…


In short Trump is facing the same problem in Florida as he faces in Nevada. New Latino voters don’t seem to show up in conventional polling. I wonder what is going on in Arizona and Texas.


Anything on how Cubans are voting?

They are centered in Miami/Dade. I have heard they are not as Republican this time around. That is one of the reasons Chuck Shummer is probably going to kick himself for abandoning Murphy.



I’m as sick of this election cycle as anyone, but it will be so sweet to watch all the Drumpf losers try to spin why he lost…bigly. Drumpf has no way out of the fact that he lost…to a woman. The aftermath of this nightmare will last for months, too. The GOP is toast and will fracture even further as the pieces of it coalesce around tiny, angry groups of white people who crave varying degrees of misogyny, racial discrimination, xenophobia and deregulation. The Democratic Party stands on the threshold of massive realignment which could keep it in power for decades; so, it must make the most of this incredibly rare political convergence. This opportunity may not come again for a century.

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likely the same, though not on the same level as the aforementioned.states

“Here’s the other dropped shoe.”


Looks like Trump found the Wall, and it’s keeping HIM out of the White House.


That’s a South Florida bunch. Not too many here. The Dade and Broward county stuff ( Miami & large Cuban population ) we’ve been hearing about is probably where the Cuban’s will vote biggest.

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Drumpf recalls the words of Yamamoto, who said after the Pearl Harbor attack “I fear that all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve”. The hispanic community was roused from it’s slumber by a screaming, petulant man-child, and now that community is flexing it’s muscles. Once awakened, it’s not going to go back to sleep. The GOP doubled down on a shrinking demographic that’s aging out and dying off, while alienating the next gens, women, and literally every other demographic in the nation.

Sic semper stultiatem.


How can Trump possibly lose the Latino vote? He loves taco bowls!


Since so many Hispanics in Florida have already cast their votes during early voting, our taco truck, Chicken and Taco Loco - its real name - has already set up at the corner of Lithia Pinecrest Road and Brandon Boulevard here in Hillsborough County. We also got our truck early to help feed the DOJ monitors who’ll be here for tomorrow the election.

I know where I’m going for lunch today.


Latinos and women may literally save the world come Tuesday (and no this is no exaggeration).


Comes naturally to the liars and grifters, they won’t skip a beat. It’s all rigged I tell yah!

The world thanks the US Latino community…

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