Discussion: Hey, Obama: You Can't Talk About The Economy Without Talking About Healthcare

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Okay, Obama, you can stop talking sense now. Nobody’s listening.

You can’t talk about healthcare without talking about the healthcare industry which still underperforms even low expectations. Insurance reform is a driver of change, not a panacea.

“In Europe and other ‘developed’ nations, healthcare is delivered through government”
That of course, is the answer and everyone knows it, Obama obviously knows it as well as the heartless American Republicans.
Until half of our political representation actually considers healthcare before profits, we won’t be considered in the same thoughts as the developed world. So, we can give our nation the healthcare that it obviously needs and do so at a nation/life saving cost whilst curing the masses financial woes or we can remain undeveloped, intentionally ignorant and constantly strained.

Government provided and administered healthcare is the key that opens the lock to financial and personal well being.