Discussion: Heritage Staffer Who Warned About Election Panel Now Thinks It's Going Great

Hans was born about 70 years too late. He would have had a great time in 1930’s Germany. Many friends. Believe me.


I’m confident that all the members of the Commission are committed to uncovering the truth*

*except me
- Hans von Spasticoughsky


von Spakovsky. Forgotten, but not gone.


“I did not send it to (Attorney) General Sessions and was unaware that it had been forwarded to him,” he said. “I have never had any discussions by email or otherwise with General Sessions about the election integrity commission.”

Goddamit. He’s not an effing General. He’s the Attorney General. The General Attorney. Neither he nor the Surgeon General are military.



This is the guy who grew up in 1950s and 1960s Alabama and claimed for the public record that he was completely unaware of racial strife of any kind in Alabama. In other words, he is not a reliable actor in any public context. He is a liar and an agent provocateur with a strong racial and anti-immigrant bias.


Oh yeah…THIS is somebody who will be ‘fair and balanced’ about making sure those damn brown skins aren’t allowed to vote…

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Would it help if they referred to him as Djenn-Err-Aal Sessions? Monsieur Beauregard!