Discussion: Heritage Chief: Voter ID Laws Tilt Elections To Conservative Candidates (AUDIO)

More TPM clickbait.

Here is what he really said

“The left fights voter ID or any kind of picture ID to know that it is actually a registered voter who’s voting,” DeMint told St. Louis radio host Jamie Allman in a segment flagged by Right Wing Watch. “And so it’s something we’re working on all over the country, because in the states where they do have voter ID laws you’ve seen, actually, elections begin to change towards more conservative candidates.”


No surprise here. Most racist laws are designed to benefit conservatives.


I remember back when I thought Jim DeMented was the most dangerous man in American politics. Seems quaint now.

(But I still thank whoever blackmailed him into leaving the Senate. I mean, it must have been something like that, right? It was just so out of the blue crazy.)


I’m not getting your point here, Chammy.


Me, either.

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In other words, Republicans use voter ID laws to target and disenfranchise legal voters, many of whom will otherwise vote for Democrats. What a country!


What he really said is, where Voter ID laws are in place, they tilt the field towards conservative candidates.

Where Democrats win, those results are suspect and we need more Voter ID laws.

DeMint is a hardcore partisan and there is never any good faith in his positions and arguments. He wants conservatives to win all the time, by any means necessary. If that means arguing black today and white tomorrow, so be it.


USA #1! America, fuck yeah!

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Indeed. What’s more…and this is the important subtext to what DeMint said: they then treat the change in voting trajectory and the decrease in the number of “liberal voters” as “proof” that liberals were benefiting from illegal and fraudulent voting from people who have no right to vote, as “proven” by the failure of those people to prove their citizenship and right to vote by getting the ID and then voting.

It’s circular logic.


So the translation is: we are not doing voter ID to protect the sanctity of the voting booth. We are doing to stack the election in our favor because we are losing the demographic battle and our policies drive more people away then bring them in.


Losing candidate Kasich said it the most succinctly when he was asked about statehood for D.C. If what Demented said isn’t clear, here’s a link to how more and more conservatives are admitting voter ID is suppressing Democratic voters

I just don’t see that we really need that, okay? I don’t know. I don’t think so,” Kasich told The Washington Post’s editorial board. “Well look, I am not – I don’t – I am not, because you know what, what it really gets down to if you want to be honest is because they know that’s just more votes in the Democratic Party.”


Upon re-reading I can understand why I confused you. But I saw it the way JSFox commented but he did a much better job than me.

With each passing day, Republicans can speak their minds with less concern for any public objections for uttering their depraved ideas. Dog whistle…try train whistle. What used be a gaffe, with an attendant cost, is just the simple truth as they learn it, live it, love it. The press just doesn’t care anymore, and the simple rube just starts to believe that’s how it’s always been. There’s no bottom level of shame from which they cannot recover. Throw in some redneck violence at rallies and we’re well on the way to third-world election status. Fucking former speaker of the house is formally declared, in federal court, a serial child molester…meh, no big deal (unless you’re a Dem). Candidate for President openly calls for violence at his political rallies…he’s just talkin’ plainly. Painfully stupid former senator from my state says this photo ID shit is the bomb and working just as planned…that’s just good conservative values, nothing to be ashamed of.

How fucking difficult is it to call a lie, a lie? A fabrication, a fabrication; bullshit, bullshit? Imminent danger to the country, just that…danger.


DeMint = DeLusional

I haven’t seen any complete analysis here, but the left is trying to draw votes from illegals, from voter fraud, a lot of different things, so this kind of fits right in to trying to find another group that they can basically count on to vote their way.” (Heritage’s Jim DeMint)

You’re talking out of your ass, DeMint, and you know it. You’re making outlandish, unfounded accusations – and you admit you have no analysis to back up those accusations. Thank you for admitting you and yours support voter suppression without hard evidence of any effort by the Democrats to fraud the election system.


“The left fights voter ID or any kind of picture ID to know that it is actually a registered voter who’s voting,”

Wow, so now we need ‘registered voter ID’. Lets really go back to the future and set up true Soviet-style identification checkpoints throughout the country… all those private prisons in the mid-west would serve as a perfect Gulag. Now tell me who won the Cold War?


OMG, Jim DeMint The real Lucifer in the flesh. Who didn’t expect him to get caught at some point admitting on tape that he’s trying to fix elections? Certainly not me. When he took over the Heritage Foundation, there was no way he wouldn’t discredit it completely.


It’s one thing to admit voter-ID laws favor “conservatives” (Republicans). It’s quite another thing to assert “the left (Democrats) is trying to draw votes from illegals, from voter fraud…”. Especially to make that accusation in the absolute absence of ANY evidence that such fraud occurs anywhere.

Seems DeMint has taken his penchant for rank dishonesty along with him to Heritage.


Agree except it was already impossible to further discredit the the Right Wing Welfare Heritage Foundation