Discussion: Here's What You Have To Know About Trump's Transition Team

Screw policy and positions this is what it is like to be female, POC, non-Christian on day 1 after the election.

I don’t want to argue about was Hillary the right candidate, did they run the correct campaign strategy, and I certainly don’t want to start a fight, but this intimidation is what we have to deal with NOW!

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My confidence in the success of the Trump Administration has just grown HUGE. /sarcasm

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I hoped that new information would bring some reassurance that the Trump team will begin to be serious and step up to the grave responsibilities they face, even in the form of baby steps. I was wrong.

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So. A basketfull of Grand Dragons. I wonder if he can find enough in the United States to meet his needs, or will he have to get H1B visa’s to import a bunch from Russia?

I can understand, though, how tRump’s transition team appears to be so small. The population of the Kremlin wasn’t included in the head count.

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Yesterday, the transition team folks put out a memo regarding people looking to be hired by the new WH. It required full financial history. The irony will be lost on his supporters. Much in the same way, according to a blurb by Legistorm, Mike Flynn may have to answer some questions about who he has as clients. https://www.legistorm.com/pro_news/view/id/1754.html?utm_source=Registered+LegiStorm+Users&utm_campaign=eb66260076-COE_Wkly_2016-11-10_non_hill_non_pro_non_trial&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_aa20686cb5-eb66260076-85416421

I went to the link…and wow…just wow. Not my President, and those people are not my countrymen.

Just draining the swamp here, boss.