Discussion: 'Here We Go Again': Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi Abortion Ban

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I can’t stand it. I pray the courts can hold out. This is where the trump judges can do some real damage. This week has reinforced my belief that if one remains a republican one is a slimebag.


Future Headline:

Court Rules State Of Mississippi ‘Vexatious Litigant’

Federal Judge Carlton Reeves says State now ineligible to challenge most lawsuits, cites “contemptuous motives”


Bwahahaha…when a judge is saying things like “here we go again” and “defiance of this court”,…oh forget it…we’re going to be drowning in that kind of response from judges for the next year or so…


What’s that definition of insanity again, something about trying the same thing over and over???


Good to hear judges pulling no punches.


You have to be proud of judges like this who are willing to stand up for women’s rights.


Now we just have to publicly deep fat fry any freak who puts this crap out in public in the future.


It would also help for people to recognize the necessity to turn out and vote Democrat even though the party does not promise to institute a socialist republic immediately. If only 10,000 people in Florida had not voted for Ralph Nader, Al Gore would have won the election. Brett Kavanaugh would never have been appointed by GWB to the DC Circuit because his only prior experience was as an aide to scumbag Republican Senators and the Sex Police on the Starr Investigation.

The Republican Party needs to be marginalized permanently. First priority.


Abortion has been a cash cow for Republicans for generations because most people are ok with Roe and consider it the law of the land. Republicans have milked their cash cow with a wink and a nod to the courts. They were never supposed to get close to overturning Roe. Now with 5 conservatives on the court there is a real chance that Roe will be overturned. About 70 percent of Americans, including a vast majority of women, might wake up some time soon to the notion that Roe is no more. If Republicans think they and their 30% can stand against the overwhelming majority of women who are going to believe their rights are being violated by the minority they are sadly mistaken. They are probably going to find out what happens when the barking dog actually catches up with the car. It won’t be pretty for the religious grifters and politicians who are swept aside.


The ‘last’ case I think ACLU got all legal costs paid and I can’t be sure now if it was Alabama or Mississippi.

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" If only 10,000 people in Florida had not voted for Ralph Nader, Al Gore would have won the election."

What of the 90,000 registered Democrats reported by exit polling as having voted for the Republican candidate?

That, arithmetically, is the actual problem, and the lead that the Nader voters are chastised for not overcoming.

“Reagan Democrats” - again.


A recount published the following December showed that Al Gore did win Florida no matter how the chads were counted. SCOTUS stole the Presidency for Dubya. Nader was not the reason. Stolen elections have consequences too.

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Well, that could be. So, why do the Green and Nader people always argue that their 90,000 votes in Florida had absolutely nothing to do with the result?

I find that fascinating. Just as a footnote for you. My better half and I spent most of our youth and young adult lives in what I would consider (compared to any mainland based movement) the mostly Socialist and progressive PR Independence Movement. We both spent our career prime years in Latino Community and Not for Profit work in East Harlem. I am not a Wall St Democrat. But, just as I grew tired of the smug bromides of the Stalinists in our movement (bromides based on zero empirical record or success), I am tired of the view, expressed by Frances Fox Piven at my employer’s 50th anniversary event (right before the GWB-Gore Election) that the Democratic Party needed to be punished for not sufficiently serving the self proclaimed progressive Left.

Since Reagan, the GOP has clearly been intent on packing the Courts, rolling back Civil and Voting Rights, dismantling any environmental protection, doing nothing about Climate Change until the Oil companies have extracted the last nickle of profit from the ground, and manipulating the rules of the Senate and state voting to maintain minority power in this Country. It seems pretty evident that Task No. 1 is defeating them and keeping them out of power.


Well played by Reeves. Like Gilliam, Ramos and Mehta (also this week!), he seems to be keenly aware of the larger threat to the nation and the established Constitutional rule of law in the land. Not to mention an awareness of the historical importance of his ruling and comments. Like theirs, his words will sink into the ongoing discussion and impact the arguments, showing the GOP bullish**t for what it is to any voter with half a sense, both short and long-term. It certainly makes it much harder for a jaded Appeals court, and even the Supremes, to overturn on much more spurious or clearly political motives.


Learned my new word for the day, now I can go back to bed.

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No. That’s ‘Republican’ youre thinking about. You’re welcome.

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I hate to say it but I could almost wish every one of those f***rs daughters gets pregnant by a rapist and has to carry to term.