Discussion: Here Are The Republican Candidates' Approaches To The Next GOP Debate

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Trump’s approach will continue to be “Look at the polls – vote for a winner like me or waste your vote on one of these losers? It’s a no-brainer!. I say the things they’re afraid to say, and I get away with it. I’m gonna build the biggest, classiest wall ever to keep out the Muslims and Mexicans and other bad, scary people with hard-to-pronounce last names and that’s how we’re gonna Make Amerikkka Great Again!”

. He dismissed questions about the idea’s constitutionality and
suggested the proposal is not as bad as the potential attacks by

Denying entry based solely on religion is antithetical to what America is about. We are ALL of us immigrants from somewhere else. Refugees if you like. My family are Americans because of politics. One branch is from Ireland and had to flee because they wanted Irish independence. Another branch came here before America even existed because of religion (now that’s ironic). Trump by denying Muslims entry is going against the very fabric of who we are. He is anti-American and so there’s no way anyone should vote for him. People can be excluded based on stuff like a fake passport or criminal background but not their religion.

I was disappointed in this article because it did not discuss Ted Cruz. Like him or not he is a skilled debater (I don’t like him and I am about to fail at avoiding referring to him as a “master debater”)

While the article said it was reviewing what the candidates stated previews of their strategy, I think calling out Cruz out for saying nothing or using past history to reasonably speculate would have made the article more interesting.

IMO the real action is going to be between Cruz and Trump.

Of course there will be exceptions to Rump’s Muslim ban. Miss Universe contestants are obviously in like Flynn. As long as they renounce just enough Sharia for the swimsuit competition. Also, any minor-league sheik or emir who’s inherited at least an order of magnitude of what Rump’s daddy left him, has nothing top worry about. Especially if he’s foolish enough to ignore the serial bankruptcies and invest in a Rump property.

This debate will pay attention to the same topics as the previous debate: jobs, taxes, the “general health of the economy,” and international issues.

i don’t think so. debating has not been a part of any of the prior shows. i am betting on a bunch of name calling and pie throwing, a load of made up gibberish, and an out pouring of clinton bashing. with trump showing weakness in iowa polling, it is gop open season on each other. hoping they just bring knives. at least ben will feel comfortable. cruz will wet his pants and christie will soil his diaper.
trump will just marvel at the great ratings his wonderful presence has brought.