Discussion: 'Hashtag Sexy': Jordan Uses His Hearing Time To Question 'Women For Cohen' Twitter

This IS a biG nothingburGer. JiM thE onlY ethicaL people on the committee with the exception oF all the Republicans.


I think Jordan is overmatched.


Wrestling coach flexes his prosecutorial muscles. If you believe it requires dumb people to communicate with other dumb people, then Jordan is your man.

Sometimes the only thing that can lighten my mood is to remember that Hillary actually won the popular vote quite handily. I know that is worth a bucket of warm spit, but it keeps me from dwelling on the idea that maybe we are just too stupid to be trusted with democracy.


He never stood a chance


it’s a nothingbur.D.er … !

This is PrOOf … of Fake newS ! —


He’s trying to compete above his weight class.


Having wrestled in collage and high school, I wish Cohen had responded, “I never did anything as immoral or criminal as allowing for anyone directly working for me to molest young boys.”


I wonder how many Republican members of Congress were followers of @womenforcohen

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The Democrats are at a disadvantage here. Cummings won’t allow the Democrats to bring up issues such as #MuscledWrestlingRentboysForJordan or Mark Meadow’s legal issues. The Republicans are all making shit up. I’m surprised nobody has started chanting “Benghazi!” or “Lock her up!” or “fake news” or whatever. Cummings is even giving the Rs equal time, a mistake – I’d just cut their microphones off, or perhaps wait for some of the dumber folks on the R side to go completely ballistic so they can be removed.

They know they are taking a beating and more of them won’t be coming back in 2021. So they are enjoying the last of their opportunities to be right wing traitorous douchebags on national TV.