Discussion: Harvey Spins Deeper Inland; Full Scope Of Damage Is Unknown

This storm is awful! The clean up is gonna take a long time and trump had better hang up his golf clubs and help out. But then pigs will fly before that happens.
A friend in Houston sent me a screen grab of the rain bands in his area and it prompted ths old memory from the movie"Superman":

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Another Rockport resident, Pamela Montes, said she knew many people who
stayed behind because “no one felt like it was going to hit.”

Good heavens. In the past, folks on the Gulf coast have known & respected hurricanes. I wonder who gave them the idea that everyday news is false & that they are above the laws of nature?!


It’s not new, people were doing it back in the 80s IIRC.

I was not quite 3 yo when Celia blew into Corpus. I don’t remember why but Dad was out of town. Mom, me and younger bro. I remember looking out front window at horizontal rain and trees - thought it was cool. Didn’t understand why mom freaked and pulled me away from the window.


Just snapped this as lightening is snapping all around my neighborhood… expected rainfall over the next hour is 4-6 inches downtown… 8-10 inches west.

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Damn …I’m having strange ’ feelings ’ toward Texans …

( Seriously though … I really do hope for 'y’alls safety ) ! —

Wonder when Michele Bachmann is going to be on to explain this ? ? …


Maybe it was just a delayed response to former Governor Perry’s drought-busting prayerathon from a few years back… I mean, we don’t have a lesbian mayor anymore, so…


Expect Pat Robertson to chime in as well with a verse or two from scripture to the effect that all of this might have been avoided if only Caitlyn Jenner and Chelsea Manning had been stoned in the public square according to the will of Yahweh!

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Houston is one thing, but why is god repeatedly trying to destroy Corpus Christi?

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I’ve been looking at NWS radar of Houston area tonight. Humongous red blob sitting north of Galveston and east of Houston with another red streak stretching from the coast passing Victoria to the east through what looks like Katy and then north a bit. It’s been doing that for at three hours. Wonder what the surge from Trinity Bay into Galveston Bay will do to the island. I would not want to be there, stilt house or not.

(Click to show image).

40 inches holy shit. NC got like 20 inches and that made for hellacious flooding down stream

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