Discussion: Hallie Jackson Calls Out WH Spox's Falsehoods About ‘That Country’ Puerto Rico


Nicely done Hallie Jackson.

Let’s see more of this.


I still say there’s not really any such person as “Hogan Gidley.” It’s a bot. Or a hologram. Or, given that it’s the Trump maladministration, a half-o-gram.


‘That Country’ Puerto Rico

How do they reach this point?

A shot of racism with a chaser of abysmal ignorance?

Or vice versa?


The lesson of Puerto Rico for white folks: racism kills, period. Trump’s policy is undoubtedly motivated or inspired by racism. More people are dead and are suffering than should have been the case. Racism is not a laughing matter. It’s not a guilty pleasure. It’s not your ranty uncle at Thanksgiving who seems harmless to you. Racism is a set of beliefs about the superiority of one group over others that has been weaponized in the US as the political ideology of white nationalism which is the governing philosophy of the Trump Administration. It justifies mistreatment, neglect, torture and killing of those who are not white.


To this White House, Puerto Rico is just another one of the Mexico countries.


How do they reach this point?

It’s mathematically inevitable, after a certain number of years of talking about “those people.”


Yes, I expect you’re right.

They speak Mexican there and have brown skin, thus must be one of the Mexican countries. It’s very simple logic.


THIS is how you interview Trumpublicans.

Have the FACTS at hand, and don’t let them get away with ANYTHING.

BTW: It was NOT a “slip of the tongue”. That is what they actually think: Only White Christians are actually “American Citizens”. Everybody else is either an “illegal” or a “lazy taker” or a “terrorist” (or some convenient combination of the 3.)


No. Unmitigated 100% pure absolutely unadulterated racism.


So I’m trying to understand what the bot said. Is he saying it’s not a slip of the tongue, and in fact is being said deliberately? Or is he arguing that because everyone’s subconscious in the white house just happens to make the same racist misstep, there’s nothing to see?


How embarrassing. As usual, the best the media will do is try to convince Republicans they’re wrong and get them to admit it on live TV. He straight up lies over and over, yet she still acts like she’s a teacher correcting his honest mistakes and doesn’t understand why he’s rolling his eyes at her.

Like yeah, I’m sure he knows Puerto Rico is part of the US. You’re not teaching him something new. You’re talking to a brick wall that was paid to lie to your face and if he ever admitted Trump was wrong, he’d be fired and replaced. And it’s all for nothing, because Republican voters don’t watch mainstream news and the only reason they come on our news is to waste our time and distract Democrats.

At some point the media needs to realize that Republicans are intentionally lying about everything and treat them accordingly. This was meant for the viewer’s pleasure but achieved nothing.


Just another Trump combo platter…


It was a slip of the tongue by a White House that is constantly slipping down that slippery slope.


I know people from that area of the Caribbean.

Trump’s racism is helped along by the fact that mainlanders cannot simply take a short drive and see what has happened to Puerto Rico.

If you know a boricua (Puerto Rican), reach out and make an attempt to offer assistance. In the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, there is a tradition of intense intercontact with Mainlanders and islanders.


“They have received more money than any state or territory in history for rebuild,” Gidley asserted.

He’s just saying that we can’t keep spending money on disaster relief for Americans in Puerto Rico forever, because we need that money for crop subsidies to red-state farmers forever.


Gidley said later in the interview that it was “a mistake” to refer to the island as “that country.”

But he stood by the White House’s repeated reference of Puerto Ricans as ‘those hopelessly disorganized and ungrateful little brown people’.


If I was Hawaii, I’d be getting kinda nervous…


The WH is trying very hard to create a certain metamessage. The word “country” was not a slip. Hallie Jackson is going after the metamessage, and that’s good journalism that I rarely see.

As a tangent, I expect Donnie two scoops and his WH to add shit-hole as an adjective any day.