Discussion: <h1 class="entry-title">Former DOJ Attorney Wrong To Suggest Poll Workers Should Block Dems From Mississippi Primary</h1>

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Wouldn’t this rule, if read strictly, throw out pretty much the whole electorate in viciously-contested primaries?

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How would they even know?

Either enhanced interrogation or looking into their soul. GWB, of course would endorse either, Cheney only one.


Seems to me that it’s nobody’s business who I plan to vote or when. We do still have that right don’t we? In Oregon though we do have to declare a party when we register making us only, eligible to vote in one or the other party, but in the general election we can vote for whoever we want. If we want to change our minds midstream it’s our business.

Examining a Brietbart story is like examining a stool sample.

Isn’t there a law that you have to have voted in the primary to vote in the runoff? Not that this is the same as crossing over to vote in the other party’s primary. So even if the law isn’t enforceable, I agree with the intent. It’s unethical to vote for candidates you plan to oppose in the general election. It’s also risky, since you may hate the candidate you think is more beatable, but if you don’t beat him, you get your hated candidate in office. Better to just show one more vote in support of the candidates you really want, even if they’re unopposed.