Discussion: Greenwald Poses For Some Selfies With Snowden (PHOTOS)

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Oh for fucks sake TPM.


These photos and the article leave me totally snarkless.

Four of the biggest thorns in the side of the NSA. For my birthday next week, I’m asking for more thorns.

Oh, look, entitled trash!

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Glenn, being off the news radar for too long, decides to rejuvenate interest in him, as his self-obsession has become a compulsion.

Further proving, in my eyes, that it’s all about the money and fame.

You have ot hand it to him – he’s rich and lives in Rio, whereas Snowden is Putin’s b**** in frigid Russia, and Assange lives below a copy room in the Ecuador embassy. Both totally at the whim and mercy of despots, facing decades in prison. Meanwhile Greenwald collects prizes, money etc.

Ain’t it the way it always goes – no matter who wins or loses, the lawyers walk away with the cash.

Oh look, a traitor and his supporters.

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Grifters gonna grift…

Perhaps we’re missing something here, the Pulitzer went to the papers, not the individuals.

(cue the flying monkey cult in 3…2…1…)

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The “Mount Rushmore” of our decade.

Stay strong Glenn and Edward, the Leviathan will relent!!!

When you’re sitting next to a shoe bomber or an underwear bomber on a plane, who could not be stopped because Snowden and Greenwald made life a lot easier for terrorists, you might not be so smug.

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It’s like a Rorschach test.

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Ooooooh, Scary. Not. I will have better odds cashing in my winning lottery tickets while being eaten by a polar bear later on this afternoon.

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Snark aside, that David Miranda is a hottie!

OMFG! Two people that know each other in a picture together!

When the police bust into your house, seize your phone to copy all its contents and pull you in for questioning for 72 hours without charging you because it turns out you’re three degrees of separation from that shoe bomber you may have a different opinion of the situation. I’m not a big fan of Snowden and don’t like the way he went about things, but it’s becoming pretty apparent the NSA was a runaway train.

I think you are conflating police and FBI action against speciifc terror suspects – with court warrant – with NSA’s creepier mass data mining operations. NSA isn’t breaking down doors and roughing anyone up.

-“loss of life and limb due to terrorism”

The actual probability of this is exceedingly small, and bears no relationship to the effort expended by the NSA. Until Assange and Snowden spilled the beans, there was no basis for voters to even have the discussion. The fact the Republican House saw fit to move on the subject this week, however bland the attempt, seems to indicate the debate began by Assange and Snowden has born fruit. Granted, not everyone likes fruit. We’ll see what happens in the Senate.

“them terr’rirsts” as an excuse to conduct warrantless data mining grows weaker by the hour.

I’ve witnessed two terrorists incidents in my lifetime where people were killed. It happens more often than you think. Where were you on 9/11?

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