Discussion: Graphic Video Released Of 6-Year-Old Louisiana Boy's Fatal Shooting By Police

I am not de-sensitized… every fucking day we see this… a six year old boy was murdered… the cops were “in fear for their lives” isn’t cutting it. I am beyond pissed

I know “good cops”… this is on all cops. they need to fix it. Every single cop carries these deaths. There are times cops need to shoot… they better start figuring it… this is on all my LEO friends and al the other “Judge, Jury, and executioners”

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Maybe, hopefully this will be the straw that breaks the back of these trigger happy cops.

Last straw? NOTHING will change. Guaranteed. Some interim weeping and chest beating, but NOTHING will happen.
I wish it could be different, but nothing will change. When cops kill someone they achieve a status among their colleagues. Don’t kid yourself that it’s otherwise.

It’s pretty annoying that this goes to trial when shooting black people (or black kids like Tamir Rice) doesn’t lead to a trial. It’s hard to tell in the video, but it almost looks like the guy put his hands up and the officers considered that threatening and started shooting. There wasn’t an visible threat in this video, the guy is sitting in his car which is stopped, and his hands were up. It’s well past time for police to get retrained so they don’t shoot unless they are under a real threat instead of a perceived one…too many civilians have been shot by police when they could have used non-lethal means, including waiting around or giving space.