Discussion: Grand Jury Indicts Georgia Police Officer Who Shot Unarmed Naked Man

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That’s good…but I hope a lesson was learned. If you’re looking at a long prison sentence you will lie to avoid it. Everyone, including a cop, will. George Zimmerman will…Officer Wilson will. And a copy of the process used by this DA should be sent to other DA’s that use theirs to get guilty cops off.

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Note that this is the way a grand jury is supposed to work. The prosecutor is the one who presents evidence pointing to a crime, because the only decision they’re making is whether there’s good reason to have a trial.

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The family of the 27-year-old Hill says he was a U.S. Air Force veteran who struggled with mental health problems.

Lucky thing for Palin her son is white or this is probably what she’d be going through, rather than just trying to blame Obama for her son’s behavior.


This a step in the right direction, at least let a jury of his peers look at the evidence and then decide whether he is innocent or guilty, I am so sick and tired of the cops getting a pass because their job is so “dangerous”, granted on any list of the top ten dangerous jobs being a police officer is one but it is never at the top, more in the middle.

Naked? Well obviously the man was wielding a deadly weapon…

Well, I don’t think there is any question that being a cop carries very real danger. However, they are supposed to be trained to deal with situations appropriately. When armed white guys are safely taken into custody while violently resisting arrest, it’s hard to believe that an unarmed naked man can’t be safely taken into custody. There will be a trial, so it’s entirely possible that facts will exonerate the cop after all, but I’m glad the grand jury moved this forward instead of dropping it like the one in Ferguson.