Discussion: Graham: Donald Trump’s Proposed Muslim Ban ‘Only Helps ISIL'

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Whatever. Nobody gives a shit what Graham is saying at this point…well, from the get-go really.

What’s more important is that the GOP/Teatrolls now have the entire MSM falsely equating Trump’s heavy-handed, flailing-about, indiscriminate ban on all Muslims from anywhere with Jimmy Carter’s targeted and limited revocation of visas (and ban on issuing new ones) to Iranian nationals in the face of the Iranian government refusing to take the hostages from the hostage-takers, even though the hostage-takers said they would give the hostages to the Iranian government.

It’s more false equivalency nonsense soup for dinner tonight…and what a thin thin broth it has.


there is loads of false equivalency out there, false equivalency is one technique to make the Republican platform seem like something else besides constant lies