Discussion: Gowdy: House GOPer's Comments About Benghazi Committee Were 'Unfortunate'

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Gowdy: House GOPer’s Comments About Benghazi Committee Were ‘Unfortunate’

Yea, truth is unfortunate….


Damn, did we get caught again?


Well only “unfortunate” for the Republicans.


Hey Howdy, it sucks when you realize what you are going to be remembered for, doesn’t it. F’n hack.


He said…

“Unfortunate”. But he didn’t say inaccurate!

Truth hurts gop/bags.


Au contraire, M. Gowdy.

I suppose, in a strictly personal sense, i.e., furtherance of your career, those comments could be construed as unfortunate. But have you no altruism? They are clearly fortunate for many more folks, if only because they’ve brought some common sense and sanity to the proceedings. Also, fyi most people don’t consider selective leaking and interviewing witnesses in secret to be “above-board.”


From Das Boot: Torpedos, los!

Sounds like the good ship Gowdy has taken some massive multiple hits below the waterline and all the bailing in the world won’t save the ship!

Abandon ship all hands! Lower the boats!

I do hope though he does the right thing and goes down with the ship.

Fitting, for sure!


Just speculating, but perhaps all those swirlies he’s obviously endured sent Rep. Gowdy into some kind of Orwellian opposite-land.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Truth is unfortunate.


Damn! Howdy looks like he just stepped away from a straw and a white powder substance that appears just below his nose! I’m sure he was on a fast track to railroad HRC down, but now some of his colleagues are unable to keep a secret and they are telling all of their secrets with their close media friends and their listeners…but for some reason, they somehow thought that nobody could hear them but their special friends…Gowdy please go and clean up your nose, please!

Trey Gowdy is unfortunate. Its what happens when ya’ hire a hillbilly lawyer.


Really unfortunate that they got caught and now even the New York Times can’t print any selective leaks from the GOP.

Gowdy doesn’t seem to have thought through the fact that the minority on the committee can and will produce reports hammering the credibility of the investigation. And now that they have been caught, those are going to have at least as much credibility as any produced by the GOP.


“My team of investigators, drawn from the military…”

So now Gowdy is taking credit for hiring the military (reserve) after he fires the guy for saying the committee was concentrating on Hillary, not Benghazi?

The man has no shame.


Gowdy and other Republicans say the committee has been and remains focused on those killed in Benghazi and on providing a definitive account of the attacks. There have been at least seven previous investigations.

“It is unfortunate when claims are made by those who do not know what the committee has done, why it has done it or the results of its work.”

Well, if you’re so focused on letting people know the results of the work, and giving a definitive account of the attacks, then why the secrecy? Why is it so “private”?


Yes, it is indeed most unfortunate … that the wheels are coming off of Gowdy’s 'Benghazi Brew-HaHa Bus".

Gowdy…whats with the Grimley hairdo?

He would be smart to just call off HRC’s appearance in front of the committee and find something else to do. Hillary and the Democrats are going to make Gowdy look even worse than he looks in the above picture. He has already been exposed as a political hack whose entire purpose has been to take a hatchet to Hillary’s candidacy. Now Hillary has all the evidence she needs to make Gowdy eat crow on camera.

Gowdy, when the ship you are on is sinking, it’s not good strategy to drill more holes in the hull to let the water out.


A series of unfortunate events? Or inconvenient facts?


Trey Gowdy’s goofy hairdo is unfortunate…After all this time, the truth is seeping out. What earthly reason do they have to wrap up their ‘investigation’ and drag out the report till 2016? How long can they continue this witch-hunt charade?

One guy running his mouth is unfortunate, two guys running their mouth is carelessness…