Discussion: GOP's 2016 Hopefuls To Take Turns Trashing Obamacare At Summit

Discussion for article #221007

Any bets on what the next big thing will be when the GOP realizes that this “Repeal Obamacare” is a loser argument?

Koch Industries is approaching the Veridian Dynamics event horizon (Google for their ads).

Event like this, which to me read like “The 2016 GOP Presidential Primaries, Sponsored By Koch Industries” can only reinforce the criticisms Democrats like Harry Reid level at them. Why would AfP and Koch be so obvious? Does their money make them immune from what “the little people” think?

There’s a second possibility: by being the shiny object now, they gin up the 2014 base, and distract Democrats from doing the critically important work of organizing and mobilizing their own base. At this stage, if the conversation isn’t about 2014 every single day, it’s a day wasted and a day closer to a Red Congress.