Discussion: GOPer Never Considered Recusal Despite Dating Top Airline Lobbyist

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More than likely he wasn’t concerned with what she was selling for the Airline industry, but with what she was giving away free in his bed.

If the sex isn’t that good, why should I recuse myself?

I think the real problem is that Rep Shuster was concerned that if he recused himself on issues in one entire industry because he was having sex with a leading lobbyist for the industry, then he’d lose his main source of campaign financing and complementary travel, which means he’d maybe be forced into having sex with a leading lobbyist for another industry, it quickly becomes turtles all the way down, and if he can’t raise the money to ensure his continued re-election, then he won’t be able to pass this heirloom seat he received from his father onto his own son, and, tragically, a family business that’s been ongoing since WWII will come to a sudden end.

All because ethics do-gooders what him to stop having sex with this one lobbyist but it’s okay with some other lobbyist.