Discussion: GOPer Leans Left Trying To Topple Al Franken

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Why does the article say “the problem-plagued health care law”? The reporter’s voice should not blend with that of the political hack being reported on.


McFadden is down by double digits. It’s not '08.


Oh yeah, it’s shaping up to be a squeaker, all right. And an investment banker! What a coup! Just the candidate to run against Al Franken in Minnesota! And Everybody Knows Obama’s problem plagued health care law is wildly unpopular in Minnesota. Feel the wave! Go GOP!


run left govern far right

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The “liberal” media calls that “a horserace”.


Thanks! I was going to say the exact same thing. In the very next statement a conservative is quoted saying that the ACA was wonderful. I am so sick of this focus on the roll-out rather than its successes. I expect it in the red press, but not in objective writings, which I expect here


It’s a AP story. Which explains why it reads like a press release straight from the McFadden camp. Its just a fluff piece. Nobody is considering Minnesota in play.

The problem is, there aren’t enough actual republican success stories brewing up out there on the campaign trail, so they have to fabricate/use these to meet their quota.


Agreed. [quote=“whit, post:2, topic:7205”]
“the problem-plagued health care law”

That sounds way too much like an opinion piece from the reporter but McFadden will have to pry health coverage out of the hands out of too many people who are now praising it and saving lives. It’s not something to run on.

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I love women too. No really. In fact, my mother was one. No really.
Vote for me.

  • Mike McFadden.

McFadden doesn’t have a snow-cone’s chance on the concrete at the Minnesota State Fair.
Look at the ads he is running; Playing football with 10 year-olds. That is it. No policy, no ideas, just boilerplate-bumper-sticker, “sack Obamacare”, “lower taxes”, “protect the border”, yada, yada,yada. followed with a nut-shot joke! WEAK!
(Even the kids in the ads don’t seem that interested.)
Minnesotans learned their lesson with the Republicans in charge under that dipshit Pawlenty and the Republican Legislature. It was a total disaster and we “threw the bums out” in 2012. Now we have an actual FUNCTIONING GOVERNMENT and things are going very well.
This “come back to the 1980’s with me” type of campaigning is falling on deaf ears.
We don’t WANT to go back and are very, very happy with BOTH of our excellent Senators.

Franken’s razor thin win was then aided by a brutal misplay by Coleman of the recount and compounded by Mitch & The Crazies, holding the Senate hostage.

MN consistently leads the nation in voting among other educational attainments. 6 years a clown and now you pay the Norski, the salt of the earth.

“My campaign at this juncture was not thought to be in any danger whatsoever.”

Well, Rudy, that’s because you were a buffoon who didn’t accomplish squat.

Franken is one of the most important and outspoken senators against media consolidation and internet fast lanes.

He has been willing to speak out against Comcast (his former employer) and other corporate monopolies that are trying to turn the internet into a two-tier cable-TV-like system. This should be of particular interest to TPM readers as the ISP’s will provide fast access to their news media assets while slowing down their online only competition.

Internet access is critical to our economy and to innovation and should be treated as a utility. The FCC needs to reclassify ISP’s under Title II and Al Franken is on our side.

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Sorry Mike.

You’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, and doggone it, no one likes you.