Discussion: GOP Tenn. Lt. Gov.: Jeremy Durham Had Affair With Fellow Lawmaker

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Sounds like some kind of hotbed of debauchery down there :grin:


It’s what the Bible Belt is all about.

That and meth.


Isn’t that what “caucus” means? Sexual liaison?

You think the pronunciation is an accident?

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Meth-odists. Get high on Je$u$.


At least Rep. Wilburn is female. She has never explained her resignation.

My Caucus is your Caucus?..

Here’s a solution - Make Kim Davis Jeremy Durham’s new intern.


Wouldn’t it be easier just to report when one of these right-wingers ISN’T involved in something creepy?


8th Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

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Miz Linz is probably the least creepy one of them all.

Inspiring, I know.

Huckabee: Its good to see that Republican legislatures in TN are one happy family and they can satisfy needs of one another. Its all good as long as the gratification is hetrosexual in nature. AmeriKan jesus loves sharing.

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Kudos to whatever reporter asked a (former) Southern Republican legislator if he had an affair with another man.


This is another example of the liberal news media bringing America down.

Here are some fine young people who sacrificed their privacy for public service, and joined the party that stands for traditional values. Then, the atheistic media (with their pro-homosexual agenda and all) plays “gotcha.” Rather than do the right thing by not reporting this, they take the opportunity to bring these role models down.

The liberal-left’s goal apparently is to take away everything we believe in. It’s enough to get you to vote for a reality TV star or something.


The party of “Family Values” forgot to tell everyone that it is Hillbilly Family values.

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“…he categorically denies having any physical relationship with former representatives Harrison or Wilburn,” Zach Dean, Durham’s assistant, said in a statement."

Am I the only one scratching his head wondering why he wouldn’t include Mr. Haynes in his categorical denial?


Why do so many of the “family values” Republicans seem to have a problem sticking with their spouses?

Are Republican women that bad in bed? I understand they have severe judgment problems, since they identify with a party that treats them like garbage, but there must be something else going on here.

I had a very lovely grad school professor who spoke excellent, but not perfect, English. We were talking about a project of mine that I was having trouble pinning down and she looked deep into my eyes and said in her beautiful Italian accent, “You have to fukus”.


Yeah, but the dude’s office SPECIFICALLY denied any affair with Harrison or any with Wilburn - but said JACK SQUAT on an affair with Haynes. For all we know, this could be some sort of Thunderhead Mountain thing - ntt’sawwt.