Discussion: GOP Rep. Says He 'Absolutely' Supports Sessions As AG Despite Trump Criticism

I don’t support him as AG at all. But not for the reasons Trump lashed out at him. Which betrays the thinking of a mobster, which is basically being redundant when it comes to describing Trump.

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Just how in the fuck is Trump very refreshing? Imbeciles, all of them.


They don’t even try to make sense anymore:

  1. I support AG Sessions (despite Trump attack)
  2. I won’t speak for the president (to explain the attack, in light of my support for AG Sessions)
  3. (Trump) He’s refreshing (referring to trump in general - or to the attack just described?)

Sounds like threading a tiny needle to try not to offend Trumpsters - colleagues, voters, or media.


Mr. Reed added: “I fully support stripping away the right to vote of minorities and the poor. I want to again be able to discriminate against gays. I want women to have no control over their bodies. Sessions and I are firm allies on this agenda.”


We have always been at war with Eurasia Eastasia.

Trump thought the role of the Attorney General of the USA was to be his personal lawyer and defend him at all costs. Luckily Sessions knows the law and he has been a Senator so he actually understands what the role of AG is.

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What’s with all of this AG Sessions as “defiant hero of the proletariat” bullshit. This is like Hitler being angry at Alfred Jodl.

Rage of the Fuhrer revealed: Historians uncover 1942 rant by Hitler against ‘flabby’ and ‘useless’ Nazi generals who couldn’t conquer Russia

Two researchers found records in Russian Defence Ministry archive
Records furious meeting in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, during eastern campaign
Hitler lashed out at five leading Nazi generals he considered incompetent
Extraordinary outbursts show growing disillusionment years earlier than previously

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3268625/Hitler-rant-1942-rant-Hitler-against-flabby-useless-Nazi-generals-uncovered.html#ixzz4nOLcBEbk
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Well, The Russian ‘people’s party’ certainly got their votes in.

As much as I despise unreconstructed Confederate racist Jeff Sessions, I can only imagine that Trump would replace Sessions with someone even worse - someone who would fire Mueller on Trump’s whim.

So, for the time being, Session’s recusal from the chain of command that could fire Mueller seems to leave him as the only safe option for AG.

Jeepers, I felt dirty just writing that.

If one has adapted to live in bilge water. then an overflowing sewage pipe probably seems like the very definition of refreshing.

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Another white nationalist, one assumes.

He is from New York. Let me guess Staten Island. Isn’t that the part of New York that has the highest concentration of unreconstructed confederates in the north?

Edit: I was wrong, his district is along the Pennsylvania border. Still deep Trump country.

All of which disqualifies Tom Reed for any consideration for US Rep.

Unconstitutional asset forfeiture is an American crisis, “home of the free.” Unconstitutional extradition without trial is an American freedom crisis. “Papers please” laws pursued by Sessions will redefine America, without court review. Minimum sentencing laws - especially for drug use - are not only unproductive, they’re sheer stupidity. THEY DON’T WORK, as proven by DECADES of studies.

No, Jeff Sessions, marijuana is NOT as dangerous as any opiate. No one has ever died of a marijuana overdose (though millions have tried…). Meanwhile artificial opiates are flooding markets to make drug companies more profitable, and people are dying from it. Over 50,000 last year alone. More Americans than Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq. In one year.

Supporting Jeff Sessions’ misguided “law enforcement” only shows how misbegotten Tom Reed - and the entire GOP - have become. This guy is not dealing in reality, only GOP talking points, an entirely different matter.

Here is how I know what a complete and utter disaster the NYT piece was. This article.

And this article.

Oh, and lets not forget this one

That’s just on TPM, just this morning.

And we haven’t even really gotten to the batshit crazy assertion that the FBI reports directly to HIM, and not the DoJ…that was only a courtesy.

Please note, that this are not opinion pieces, but rather, reporting about various GOPers trying to do damage control on their own, and Mueller basically telling Trump where he can stuff his threat.

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Little Finger, meet Middle Finger

Trump? Refreshing?? Good God, what a statement!

Asked to guess why Trump made the harsh remarks, Reed said he was “not going to speak for the President.”

“He’s very refreshing,” Reed added.