Discussion: GOP Rep. Rips Into Trump, Barr After 'Carefully' Reading Mueller Report

Rip into Trump? I hope you’re prepared to get ripped into by Trump and his enablers. :confused:

A Republican with reading and comprehension skills? How refreshing…


from a discussion of Amash while comments were down


Amash is an interesting cat. Son of immigrants, dad from Palestine and mom from Syria, both Christian. Identifies as a “libertarian Republican”. Voted against FISA surveillance renewal, early user of Twitter to communicate with his constituents, etc.
He is what Rand Headlinewhore Paul pretends to be.


Tea party, limited government, libertarian type of conservative. Bucked party leadership before, mostly on spending and his narrow reading of the constitution. He’s probably sincerely concerned with the overreach of the unitary executive.


Amash is a bright fellow. Michigan and Michigan Law. Maybe a bit too christian, although one with some values.
He should be sincerely concerned about the Trump overrreach and apoplectic about Barr’s support and complicity.

and some research I did on his district

Cook political report has the district as R+6
In 2016, Trump won the district by 9.4 points while Amash his race won by 22 points.
Amash beat his opponent by 11.2 points in 2018. And the district is trending toward dems.


The wingnuts are not amused.



“But he doesn’t have anything on!” said a small child.



Quite amazing that a Republican said all this. A RINO?
I suppose he simply could not resist saying “both parties” at some point. Pity.

R = 1 for people who’ve actually read the Mueller report and people who support impeachment. AG Barr? Pretty sure he never read it.


Jim Lower’s Major Announcement:

“I not only unconditionally support the unborn over women, I will also shove paving cement into her uterus and Krazy Glue her vagina shut until she is ready to experience the God-sanctioned birth of her miracle child.”

I have a feeling one cannot get any lower than Lower.


Here’s hoping he is the first of many cracks in the dam.

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His big announcement will be he is going to run against Amash. Lower is just another typical Michigan R who is all for freedoms, the Constitution and low taxes - until he is not. He introduced a bill to restrict voter initiated ballot referendums after several were successful against the R controlled House and Senate positions. Justin is a known quantity in his district while Lower is just a country bumpkin in one of the most rural west Michigan state House districts thinking he is hot stuff. Justin is quiet and methodical. I would wager Lower will not succeed in the primary. Especially if Two Scoops issues go further south on him.

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