Discussion: GOP Rep.: Hobby Lobby Ruling Keeps Liberals From Reinstating 'Stone Age Tribalism'

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Today is a great day for GOP projection.

Had the interview gone just a bit longer, he might have divulged,

“The left has had a terrible couple of months lately.”
“The left hasn’t been home to see his wife and kids in ages, since being at home with them makes the left incredibly depressed.”
“The left is having a hard time scraping together funds to pay the cable bill ever since that fateful day when the left made some regrettable decisions at the race track.”
“The left hasn’t gone more than 8 hours without a drink in I don’t know how long.”
“The left has a splitting headache today. Excuse the left while the left goes to find some ibuprofen.”


If anyone is an expert on Stoneage Tribalism, it would have to be Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Troglodyte-TX)


Now that’s some pretty insane reasoning. Tribalism??? What about the rights of the women that seeks those forms of birth control? The lunacy that corporation are like people with religious rights is a dangerous path the troglodytes of the Court’s 5-4 majority are sending this country into.


Surely these guys must have a data bank of absurd pronouncements.
There’s just no other explanation.


Its beyond insane reasoning. This ruling did absolutely nothing for an individual’s religious freedom. The ruling cleared the way for those with financial power to deny rights of others.

If anything, this ruling furthered the cause of Tribalism. Abide by federal regulations? HA! Nothing shall infringe upon the Tribal Authority of Hobby Lobby! (at least till we go public, then we have to go back to court to ensure our rights continue, regardless of ownership issues).


Just how does Stockman dress himself in the morning? He even makes Virginia Foxx seem intelligent. (SEEM)


Batshit crazy loser chump to Cornyn by 41 points, (“vituperative and paranoid” are the kindest descriptions of him) can’t get anyone to listen to him anymore and so he has to issue a statement to whoever will listen but he has to do it before he leaves the House. Link to story from Texas Observer which ran at Politico.



Incoherent crazy man is incoherent and crazy.


Looney Tunes:Texas Crazy Steve

“Beyond insane reasoning” was issued by someone beyond insane. See my link to Texas Observer story.

Wahabi Lobby Ruling Erases Limits of Projection.


Has anyone told him he already lost his Senate bid?

“Civilization is a society in which the rights of the individual trump the whims of the majority.”

Another Republican with his head screwed on backwards. What he describes sounds more like a recipe for anarchy to me. Civilization necessarily involves giving up a certain amount of personal autonomy in the interest of serving the community as a whole. And majority rule, as much as Steve Stockman appears to hat it, is a step up for the common man above absolute monarchy and oligarchy, where the many have to bend to the will of one powerful man, or a small group of powerful individuals.


“the rights of the individual trump the whims of the majority”

[“Unless we control the legislative process”]


He’s confusing the United States with Somalia.


Republican lawmakers are just plain stupid. They really should shut up and go away! Far far far away!!


In other news, Chancellor Hitler defended the Nuremburg Laws, stating “they were put into place to protect Jews from Anti-Semitic attacks.”

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Texans like Steve Stockman and Rick Perry illustrate the fact that Texas produces a very special kind of stupid.


Steve Stockman: The epitome of right wing ignorance and self-delusion.