Discussion: GOP Rep. Claims US Gov't Could Have Saved Hostage Killed In Drone Strike

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No tragedy too fresh that it cannot be mined for attacks against Obama.


It’s a Duncan Hunterbot. Without stories like this, Duncan Hunterbots would never see the sun or reproduce,


I figured it wouldn’t take the GOP long to try making political hay out of a death.


Remember that time 3,000 people died because W ignored the PDB claiming Bin Laden was going to attack? Now that was a real failure.

Alright Duncan, you’ve covered your ass.


What a puke he is.


Always classy.

But of course, both sides do it. Like that time Democrats cynically exploited the Sandy Hook tragedy to try to push through their crazy liberty destroying gun grabs, as if the two were somehow related. Those crazyhead evil libs.


Yeah, because the brutal killing of sweet children gunned down at school should not cause people to pause and wonder what we could do differently. Crazy, isn’t it?

They are more than related. It is cause and effect. We are 2% of the world’s population but own between 35 to 50% of the world’s guns. And we wonder why so many people die each year, including children, because of gun violence.


This is the choir, reverend. The congregation is thataway.


Shut up, you miserable scumbag.


True enough. But I do wonder whether it’s even possible otherwise.

Gerrymandering is almost universally seen as bad evil, but without it we wouldn’t have some African-American congressional reps in Dixie, and military-heavy regions like near San Diego wouldn’t have what most of their residents would accept as a ‘representatives’ voice in WDC. The price to be paid is often steep, certainly too steep in many cases (eg Darryl Issa), but IF we concede, ONCE we concede, that representative voices in the House is a Good Thing, then it’s necessary to recognize that political messaging that works say in and around SF or Seattle or non-O.C. Los Angeles just isn’t going to work in districts like the CA 50th.

So, not just the existence of serial Duncan Hunterbots but the entirely predictable messaging may just be a part of the price we pay for any sort or level of functional representative democratic government.

Wow! HuntinDuncan…

If only Dick’n’Dub hadn’t started wars in Iraq/Afghanistan…



Hunter hasn’t always used friendly fire as an excuse to attack the other side. Well, he didn’t do so for friendly fire incidents that occured under Bush at least. http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/comrades-say-marine-heroism-tale-of-iraq-veteran-was-untrue/2014/02/21/455bf006-9b1f-11e3-ad71-e03637a299c0_story.html


Duncan Hunter doesn’t know whether to scratch his watch or wind his ass.

But suddenly he knows how these hostages could have been saved.
For the love of bleeding Jesus! Can’t somebody get him to shut his piehole?


It’s hard to believe these guys could be any more tone deaf. I know he’s appealing to his tea party base but why don’t they ever weigh the benefits vs. harm to their party? How does this type of grandstanding look to the 65-70% of Americans who are not crazy teabaggers?

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Duncan Hunter, YOUR party is in control of the pursestrings that fund the intelligence agencies responsible for the failure to discover the whereabouts of the hostages.

Look what you did to the intelligence budget: http://fas.org/irp/budget/

So, why don’t YOU take responsibility for the failure? YOU’RE part of that “US Gov’t”, you know.


And yet these same Thugs don’t want to vote on any war resolution to limit or end the President’s authority to use military force. But like all good schizophrenics in Congress, they rhetorically criticize every effort by this President to extend his authority against Al Qaeda in this conflict. So essentially…they just want to complain six ways till Sunday.

The original 2001 authorization, the AUMF expired a long time ago, so this punk has no special standing to whine and complain. You want things to change, vote to change it. Otherwise, Shut The Fuck Up.


Duncan Junior really is a chip off the ole blockhead.

And then there’s this other authorization the Pukes continue to ignore:


So will these assholes please make up their minds?
BTW…has anyone reported why those two hostages were in Afghanistan in the first place? Just curious. Were they NGOs?


Warning: snark meter out of adjustment! Please recalibrate immediately!!


Gerrymandering is the deliberate drawing of district lines with the intent of limiting someone else’s representation. Without it there would be MORE minority representatives from Dixie, not fewer. The Republicans have utilized it to the extent that they are far overrepresented in Congress and in state legislatures.


Yeah, “Junior” is a chip off the old blockhead, Daddy Duncan. Like his namesake father, facsimile Duncan will say any sort of nonsense to impugn Obama. SO glad I’m not in his district.

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