Discussion: GOP Moderates Convinced Softer Stance On Immigration Will Save Control Of House

 mindful that a softer position may be necessary to save
   their jobs and GOP control of the House.

A mind … any mind at all …

would have you feckiess assholes finishing your resumes —

It’s coming … AND YOU’RE GONNA DROWN ! –


Who Knew ?
They always say Republicans don’t do humor.
That’s a fuckin’ knee slapper
Ya that will play real well with Trump and his base .
The base and his administration that thinks splitting up families is good business
Throwing red meet at his rallies
I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again
The Game is over
It was all a lie.
All it took was Donald Trump to show that Republicans never really believed in:
Free markets
Family values
National security
The Constitution
The rule of law
Separation of church and state.
Fair Immigration policy
All. A. Lie.


The real headline: Moderately Evil GOP Congressmen Convinced Immigration Con-Job Will Save Trump From Impeachment So That He Can Continue Unhindered With The Destruction Of The Country


The timing of their newfound concern is just so odd …


A harder stance against Trump might be even more beneficial to them defending their seats.

Just a thought.

This particular bill is a pretty empty gesture however…its doubtful it would get through the Senate and its 100% confirmed that Trump will veto it. So no chance this thing ever becomes law, which makes it a perfect fig leave for the GOP moderates heading into a nasty midterm.

So of course Ryan is resisting bringing it to the floor. Even on the way out the door, the HFC STILL won’t give him his balls back.


Rosa Castillo, 51, of nearby Florida City, said she knows people who don’t get driver’s licenses for fear of having their residency challenged. “He’s doing an awesome job for our DACA people,” said Castillo, a Democrat who said she’ll back Curbelo.

This reminds me of an interview with “swing” voters in the 1992 election.

I voted for Reagan. I voted for Bush. I wish I hadn’t.

Who are you going to vote for?

Probably Bush.


And enrich himself and his family


So short-sighted, because nothing will change if Republicans continue to control of everything.

And what was Curbelo saying when the whole DACA debate was being waged? I hope he was just as vocal, but I don’t remember any republican saying much in support of a fix.


Sorry, I can’t hear you shouting from the bottom of that rabbit hole you dived into.


Any Democrat who thinks voting for a Republican will somehow lead to saving DACA is a fool. The only hope is a majority Democratic Congress that’s willing to confront the racists in the White House.

Have any of these “moderate Republicans” said anything about our heinous policy of separating kids from their parents at the border advocated by this Administration?


Now that is possibly the most delusional statement I have read all week. The House is not going D. Period. And Dems who are sane look at the Senate and wonder if Dems can stay above 40 seats. MT, ND, IN, MO, WI, possibly OH are in serious trouble. Rs could get to 61. And if that happens, SS and Medicare are done.

Let us not doom-n-gloom before the time.

Who knows, the horse may learn to sing.


Only the AP thinks there’s such a creature as a moderate republican.


Until your next sentence.


“He was always telling me, ‘It will happen, it will happen.’ I never saw it happen,” Coffman said. “One cannot argue that those of us who signed onto this discharge petition didn’t give leadership time.”

  1. there is no leadership in this fucked up bunch of destructive spectators in the house.
  2. any faith placed in Ryan, Mitch or the Don to do anything to benefit Americans is misguided and brings your mental state into serious question.

Sorry assholes. You’ve spent a year and a half giving the finger to half the nation, destroying our standing in the world, ruining our reputation, actually leading from behind and treating anyone who even looks or sounds like an immigrant as enemies of our nation and now you will be punished.

Punished is too soft a word. Ended would be a better word.

You now longer merit existence as a political party. Go away, be gone. And your supporters are evil too. And no, I don’t need to understand them, I understand them just fine.

The actual nazis weren’t that complicated either. But they had snazzy uniforms. You have sweatpants and cheese stained american flag tee shirts and camo.

GOP moderates…LOLOLOLOLOL. That’s funny.


All GOP House members vote for ninnies like Paul Ryan as Speaker, and immigration reform lies dead. That’s how the scam works. Feeble theatrics to appear moderate are drowned by the real process, and deadwood like this Florida “moderate” just serve the reactionary GOP national movement. Get rid of him!


Shouldn’t bother nick while he’s busy navigating across the pond …

He told the scorpion he’d get him to the other side by Nov. —


Bingo, con all the way…