Discussion: GOP Fissures Emerge Over First Major Post-Cantor Battle

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Republicans are against corporate welfare.

Oil companies, "REALLY?:.


I know. I had a hearty laugh over that one. Who are they kidding?

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Whatever the Kochs want or desire…they are at your command.
Now go…do your dirty work…and make haste of it.

sEriouSly, I don’t know enough about this Ex-Im bank to comment on it. I just find it stupendously comical that the House Reps are so beholden to whatever the Kochs and wingnuts on the far-right dictate. They’re fucking mindless robots…and so are the fools that vote for them.


[quote] … ecrying it as a bastion of corporate welfare and cronyism. … [/quote] But isn’t that the GOP/Tee Potty / Republicant rally cry??

What kind of Republicant can one be if you don’t support corporate welfare and corruption?

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“…The Tea Party is moving the Republican Party so far to the right on important issues like the Export-Import Bank, that the business community is now farther from the Republican Party and closer to Democrats…”

Yes, amazing as it sounds, liberalism is not opposed to making money and gaining profit. What used to be called “good business”. The only business the Republican Party has any sense of is the politics industry.



The Speaker of the House says, “I don’t know”, when asked if he believes the economy will be harmed if the Export-Import Bank is shutdown?..something is seriously wrong with this picture folks…


The Kochs and the rest of the Top !% are getting absolutely nothing for all the money they’ve spent creating the TeaParty and bribing the rest of the Congressional Republicans. They can’t even work together for the oil cartel.

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Boehner is finally admitting that conservatives really don’t understand economics at all. Is it any wonder that they screwed up so badly during the Bush/Cheney Era and have been in a complete tailspin since then with government shutdowns, sequesters and deliberately lowering our Treasury’s credit rating?

It’s actually a good sign that Boehner is acting so clueless in public regularly now. It’s like he’s giving up on his own party and the lunatic fringe the Kochs are putting in charge. It also confirms what the Silent Majority has been thinking and will make it even harder for the GOP to hold onto either house of Congress.

I don’t think big oil needs the Ex-Im Bank to find foreign markets. I can’t see the electoral advantage for Republicans in this position, since it is so easy to criticize.

The Ex-Im Bank, from what I’ve read this evening, has been operating since the Great Depression. It costs virtually nothing, given it is financed by fees & interest, to operate.

The bank helps small export businesses that compete overseas as well as big corporate entities that, goes without saying, really do not need subsidies.

Apparently four of its officials have either been let go or suspended in recent months for accepting kickbacks or bribes from businesses for steering federal contracts their way. To what extent corruption actually plagues the bank is not clear at the moment.

Nevertheless to hear its detractors, the ones who want to relegate the bank to the trash bin, you’d think corruption is rampant.

The T-Partiers complaining about corporate welfare and government interference in the free market is rich considering they have been trying to pass legislation favoring corporations over the American people since 2010.

But after all what better opportunity to interlace some “populist” terms into their talking points and bumper sticker platitudes for their mid-term election campaigns.

Never mind the fact that eradicating the bank will put small import/export businesses at a competitive disadvantage whereas the mega-corporations will survive notwithstanding.

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