Discussion: GOP Congressman Was Once Disgusted By Criticism Of Bergdahl

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Known sociopath is sociopathic.

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For so many former military it seems that the physical courage they displayed was so much easier to come by than the moral courage they cannot seem to find.


Hey, that’s my Congressman you’re exposing, talking about, er, crikey, what a tool.

He’s kinda like spitting on the returning POW, isn’t he?


Is there a Democrat running against him?

John McCain also had brothers in arms that called him a traitor and his record, in part, is classified. I assume Roscoe P. Hunter (R-CA) has a terse opinion in that regard too.

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Politics of day requires change in direction, and again President Obama is for it.

According to the official investigation Bergdahl was AWOL but that doesn’t make him a deserter.

These Republicans will rue they they dissed a POW

From the Daily Beast

From DailyKos

Bergdahl escaped from his Taliban captors for 3 days. When they finally found him in a hand-dug trench he covered with leaves, he was nearly naked and exhausted. Yet, it took 5 Taliban to subdue him as he fought back trying to avoid being recaptured.

He escaped not once, but twice! Because of this, his captors kept moving him around and kept him under tight wraps. This made it exceedingly difficult and risky to attempt a rescue mission.

And, finally, the infamous “ashamed to be an American” e-mails that numbnuts like Sarah Palin keep using to attacking Bergdahl, were actually quite patriotic in context. He was complaining about the low caliber of person he had to suffer through in his unit, and how crappily they treated the Afghans (In one case, he said they indifferently ran over a child with a truck!). He was ashamed of the way the military operated there.

He was not expressing a desire to join the Taliban. He felt sympathy for the Afghan civilians who were being mistreated and abused by both sides. (These e-mails were reported in Michael Hastings’ profile pieces).

When all is said and done, and Bergdahl is allowed to give his side of the story, the Republicans and Conservatives who were attacking him are going to regret it.

And then they will have their MISSISSIPPI race to discuss


I hate every single one of these scum sucking slime ball hypocrites

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What are you talking about?

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Another turd…

Rachel documented how ALL the details of the exchange – the 5 in the exchange, Berghdal, etc, were ALL public knowledge since 2011.
I suspect as the Army completes its investigation and as the fact come out, many will be dining on a huge platter of crow.


It just shows how Republicans don’t believe in anything and couldn’t be trusted in a moment of crisis.



On the contrary: I absolutely TRUST them to take at least one of the treasonous avenues available. Because, FSM knows, they’re saving the country from the Kenyan Mooslim Usurper’s evil plans.

The conservatives need to make up their minds about what moral and constitutional standards they believe in. There is no world in which it is wrong for a President to judge that an ordinary citizen who is openly recruiting for an enemy is an enemy combatant but at the same time that that same President is required to judge that a soldier who has gone awol before has for sure deserted this time and deserves to be left to rot with the Taliban without any form of a trial.


I loved the part of the interview when Megyn Kelly presented Hunter with his earlier remarks and asked him to explain the turnaround . . .

Oh, wait. That never happened.

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Duncan Hunter, like all GOPig politicians, believes that since his mouth has two sides, there is no problem here!

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The GOPigs, Cons and Baggerstanis all today, have serially and overwhelmingly demonstrated for decades that they actually believe faithfully in neither moral nor constitutional standards_____or, to be very kind, they cherrypick’ with each new event the morals and constitutional standards they “believe in” !

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