Discussion: GOP Congressman Slams GOP 'Overreach' On Immigration

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  1. I wish these guys would stop expressing their opposition to the President’s policies by questioning the legality of his actions ever single time, as if he wouldn’t check to make sure beforehand that it was legal. Even if it’s only legal by the narrowest definition.

  2. I wish they would also stop blaming not having a chance to read the bill, or not having a clear understanding of the bill for their votes. It’s not like those two things are key parts of your job or anything.


Forty percent Hispanic district? Think this guy might feel a little threatened by the Republican stupidity on immigration. He could lose his seat real fast in 2016 no matter what he does.


He’s already screwed using those threatening words against his party. To late to walk that one back.
No extra income from sidejobs unless it’s shining boneheads shoes.

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Is there such a thing as a “Red Dog Republican,” a GOP legislator from a traditionally blue state? If so, I think this guy defines that term.


I hope he likes his new office in the basement; next to the tourist toilets.

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Yeah, no kidding. Hell hath no fury like a Boehner scorned.


I do hope I remember this the next time they scream about Dems pushing through votes on bills they don’t have time to read.

“You guys don’t even read your own bills before voting on them, sounds like you need to vote for smarter politicians” or something like that.

Of course he says this, I mean-is allowed to say this. It makes it appear that at least one Repub isn’t a callous, anti-brown everything, racist, hater. Of course it will make zero difference just like always.

The other overreach, voter suppression, guarantees that no matter the vile, self-deportive message that the Repubs put out, they can always equalize by cheating. The base loves the mean, hateful, pro-whitenes of it all and the potential game changers, the Latinos, are nipped in the bud,

Republicans aren’t short of game plans or ideas but they are very short of playing in any ways that resemble the rules.

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It’s not just Hispanic voters, it’s also the support of agribusiness that’s at stake. I’m thinking that the agricultural regions might start to turn a little more purple.

Cutting through his words what he’s really saying is that the GOP has no plan, no program, no ideas, and nothing to propose, and he’s (apparently) grown tired of the standard position: If that Black man in the White House likes it then we don’t! Undoubtedly he’ll be primaried in 2016, and Boehner will cut him off from any responsibility for anything in a committee.