Discussion: GOP Chairman Contradicts Darrell Issa's Claim About Hillary, Benghazi

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Good Grief. Could California find two more repugnant characters than McKeon and Issa?

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I’m guessing this is payback for Issa stealing McKeon’s car.


Damn! The wheels are coming off the GOP cart. Issa contradicted by another GOPer, the Obamacare repeal effort is DOA, Republican-affiliated racists are popping up everywhere and soiling the GOP’s already tattered brand and the Millenials are voting Democratic by a wide margin. The GOP is going extinct, though not fast enough for me.

Benghazi… the ESSENCE of Republican incompetence.

P.s. I called dibs on EG’s avatar–he won’t need it for another 274 years.

Where were all these fucking ‘patriots’ when US embassies and consulates around the world were being attacked under Gee Dumbya?

Issa simply couldn’t be a more worthless piece of human detritus.