Discussion: 'Godfather' Actor Abe Vigoda Dies At 94

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Thanks for the reminder…


Dog forgive me, I was one of those who had assumed he’d passed away years ago.

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Rest in peace, Fish.


For whatever reason, Abe Vigoda seemed to be at the top of everyone’s “I Thought He Was Dead” list.

Goodbye, Tessio.


No, really.

“Joe Versus The Volcano” was on recently. I had forgotten he starred in it.

This has not been a good month.

“Tom, can you get me off the hook? For old time sake?”

“Can’t do it, Sally.”


When he played Fish on Barney Miller you thought he’d died and they forgot to tell him.


A real trouper.

I thought he was in his nineties then!

You will convince me that Elvis is alive before you convince me that Abe Vigoda is dead. I’ve heard it too many times.

I haven’t seen Barney Miller in ages. I wonder if it still holds up. I remember it being funny as hell when I was in high school.

You had a good long run, Abe. Thanks for everything.


I feel sure that the "I Thought He Was Dead’ group probably watched the Colbert Rumsfeld interview last night and were affected by the unknown unknowns.

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Barney Miller is being re-broadcast on … uhhhhhhhhh some cable feed.

He was only 94?

Oh, crap. Now we can’t make jokes about him being dead any more.


yeah, it does hold up… some very funny characters on that program; and it’s on one of the cables – just flip thru, you’ll find it.

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Yes, you can catch full episodes on you tube, and writing still brilliant today. It was done live too, like many sitcoms then. Great cast of characters. Huge and wise addition was Dietrich. When they were going to tackle some new and serious issue, he would explain it to Barney, thereby also explaining it to the audience. Very smart way to do it. Harris, Wojo, Chano, Nick, these were all great characters. And the people brought into the precinct each week were always very interesting and addressed differing issues. Some of the best sitcom writing and performing ever.

Fish’s character was good, but started to get played out on the “old guy” jokes. But one of the best episodes was when they all hate hash brownies by mistake (Wojo’s lady friend made them), and Fish went out and did “Superman” while busting some young kid. Hysterical.