Discussion: Giuliani: No Cohen Concerns 'As Long As He Tells The Truth'

How will Rudy ever recognize ‘truth’. He may as well say he meets with Elvis every day to confer on matters.


You have to use your Bizarro World translator to understand what Rudy means. “As long as he tells the truth” translates to " lies out his ass".

Stop giving Giuliani any space here. He offers nothing of substance, and it only encourages him.

Rudy and Trump wouldn’t know the truth if it can up an bit them on the ass.

And we all need to keep in mind there are two pits of dirty deeds that Cohen has dug, one for Trump’s private peccadilloes that the Evangelicals have given him a pass on, and the Russian quicksand pit. These two pits are adjacent to each other, the Russian one is threatening to breakthrough to the other.

Rudy Giuliani says on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday that they have no worries about Michael Cohen “as long as he tells the truth.”

Rudy baby, you lie almost as badly as your boss. The two of you are shitting glass shards over this every day.