Discussion: Gates Testifies He Helped Manafort Fudge Info To Obtain Loans

“In order to have the maximum benefit, I am claiming Howard St. as a second home. Not an investment property,” Manafort wrote in an email admitted by prosecutors.


Go directly to prison. Do not pass go, do not collect $200M of illicit Ukranian money laundered through Cyprus.

Protip: if you’re going to conspire to defraud the United States Treasury, do not do so over email


It will help if Mueller has some people testify that, in fact, not everybody does these sorts of things. Let the jury see that there actually are honest people out there.

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The Judge would approve if some rich folks are shown in a positive light.

Sounds like splitting a dinner check with Manafort involves a calculator and a snitty remark about how you ate more of the calamari app than he did.


Do you think Donny boy’s connecting the dots between how far down the river Team Mueller has gotten Gates to sell his old boss, who he worshiped, and how Cohen is now cooperating with them?


More likely he’s getting high on marker fumes.


And how Gates stole from Manafort.

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If Cohen goes into witness protection, can the president still find him?


Cohen’s sport coats will always betray him.


Of course if the lender cared, they could surely run an O&E.

I’m reminded about this guy, with a similar MO

Ted Malloch ‘made false statements’ to two US banks
Courts ruled that would-be Trump ambassador and wife could not write off $5.9m of debt

The FT was on their marks re. Ted

Oxford distances itself from Trump favourite Ted Malloch
Academic said to be in line for EU post accused of falsely claiming college fellowships

I don’t have the right to condemn Manafort but I don’t understand his position. In order to take a loan, he used to lie. Awful is what I can say about his behavior. He asked Gates to change certain things in order to obtain loans. A lot of people need money but they try to tell the truth. I know that some lenders can borrow money even when your crest score is low. You can check same day loan to get more information about that. Every case is personal and only after considering your application, the loan provide will make a decision.