Discussion: Gallup: Trump's Net Disapproval Spikes Amid Criticism Of Family Separations

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Heading back in the right direction! Let’s all hope Trump’s approval gets down in the 30s or lower by November.


No real surprise here. The policy is/was intensely unpopular, so of course it was damaging. But it takes time for people to digest things, and most people are not obsessive political junkies like us. This is why it is really maddening to see doom-and-gloomers posting, say, a 538 approval chart like three minutes after a big story breaks and being all “how can this be, HOW CAN THIS BE, his approval is steady/going up/whatever!”

Y’all. Settle down. This takes time. Give it a week and see if there’s a robust trend before you tear your hair out.


Somewhere I read (I wish I could remember) that a lot of these polls showing Republican support for Trump are skewed by the number of people who were Republicans but have left the party. Those who are left are is core supporters, but it’s a much smaller number than you think when the media throws out his Republican approval numbers.


This may end up being trump’s Katrina. Katrina ended Bush’s presidency because it took something everybody already knew – Bush was a barely competent goofball who couldn’t lead a government – and it made it abundantly obvious why that’s a big problem. Because when a barely competent goofball ignores a storm for days, then flies over from thousands of feet up, then says “Heckuva job, Brownie” when he finally does get to the scene, thousands of people die. It’s no longer just a punchline of late night comics’ jokes, but the confirmation of what everybody already knew, suddenly is recognized as a really big deal.

This may be similar. Everybody’s already known that he’s a bigot who doesn’t care about anybody else. And of course, we’ve known all along why that’s a really big deal. But the family separation crisis is making it abundantly obvious to all of America what happens when a bigot who doesn’t care about anybody else gets to implement policy – child abuse, destroyed families, crying toddlers, taking kids hostage for his political goals, kidnapping, etc etc… all while his wife wears clothing telling everybody “I really don’t care.” This might be the moment when America finally confirms what they’ve known about trump all along and now finally recognizes why it’s a really big deal to have somebody so cruel and hateful running our nation.


Funny how a drop in approval numbers happens when kids are caged, infants snatched from mothers, and children disappeared.


“Bigot” is correct, but I think the operative concept is actually “predator”.

Trump wants what he wants, and if he has to turn the thumb screws on innocents to get it, well, omelets and eggs.


I never really understood how 1,500 people polled out of 300 million citizens could give an accurate picture of anything. Maybe so, I’m not a pollster.


Polls are BS. I haven’t forgotten.


The statistics are exceptionally straightforward (although sample randomization is challenging in practice).


Wherever two or more are gathered in his name, there is Hate.


I got a headache from my eyes rolling up into my head so much after two weeks of a statistics class in college that I dropped the class. So I’ll admit I’m way out of my league here.


Trump support isn’t really supporting him, he’s just their throw-away figurehead, they’d chop it off if he went Arnold on them…

Trumplove is just hate for the left, manifest as a fat orange lump of lard.


This outstrips Bush’s Katrina disaster by sheer intent.

Those folks were victims of nature and a negligent Bush administration, but by every measure but his own, these kids are Trump victims, directly and totally, and it is cruel animosity, not callous negligence that spawned it.

Bush was passively careless, Trump is pro-actively hateful.

The difference is profound.


that is a malady I suffered frequently from as a teenager


It’s about damn time Trump supporters wake up and see Trump for what he is, a fascist, nationalist, would-be dictator who cares nothing about law and order or “his people”, but only about himself.


Yeah, this policy might make his most rabid base happier, but they were going to turn out for him anyway. The net effect of this PR debacle is that the Democrats and non crazy independents will turn out in droves to vote against the GOP in November. The last couple of weeks have been a bit like Trump’s Katrina except, with Katrina, Bush didn’t order the demolition of the levies, nor did he get in front of a crowd afterword and brag about all of the people he killed.


I loved college but that stats class was more than I could endure.


Color me skeptical. This country is full of ignorant folks who don’t care about anything but their own welfare and they don’t have the proper cognitive skills or empathy to see the truth. It’s really brought me to a place of total sadness.


From CNN:
“Attorney General Jeff Sessions just doubled down on the
administration’s zero-tolerance immigration policy in a speech to school
resource officers in Reno on Monday, while also tempering his rhetoric
with a nod to the backlash over the separating of parents and children
at the border.“We’re going to continue to prosecute those adults
who enter here illegally,” he said, before adding, “We’re going to do
everything in our power however to avoid separating families.”"

Mr Sessions, will you afford those you are so joyously prosecuting due process of law as outlines by the Bill of Rights (amendments 1-10) and covered there by amendments 4, 5, 6, 8 and also the 14th? Or will you be following trump in his blundering and discarding the Constitution completely?
What is needed to get Congress to do what is right for the sake of the continued existence of our Republic? Is it a dramatic dip in poll numbers alone or will they react to gross in-your-face and in-public criminal acts? Would trump have to grill and cook the baby of an illegal migrant mom on the North Lawn to finally get Congress to act? Would even that not be enough? Could he actually shoot someone on 5th Ave in broad daylight as he himself said and get away with it?

My government has lost its collective mind.