Discussion: Fund For Trump Aides’ Legal Defense Largely Financed By His Friends

I would venture to say “Bad investment”
The ROI on that is going to be piss poor


There are only so many people who will throw good money at bad things.

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Fund For Trump Aides’ Legal Defense Largely Financed By His Friends

Between February and June, the fund has raised about $200,000.

Which may be sufficient to pay legal bills incurred by 1.37 Trump aides.

Assuming that’s where the money is destined to go.


I would suggest that they keep shoveling it in … they’re going to need a lot of it.

Excellent - let the bootlickers waste their money on this venture. 200K isn’t even close to what he’s gonna need.

Mueller is gaining ground.

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Whatever happened to the investigation into where the money went to, from Trump’s Election Committee? Didn’t they bring in $100 million but spent only $20 million what happened to the other millions of dollars?

  1. Ha! Of course he’s not paying anything .
  2. They’re gonna need a lot more than $200,000.
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That was his inauguration committee. And nope they’ve never traced where the money went.


200 effing thousands of dollars?! That’s all they’ve been able to raise? There truly is no honor among thieves. Not even a sense of self-preservation.

Return On Indictments?

Thanks to the Citizens United Decision, the NRA is now able to funnel infinite amounts of Vladimir Putin’s inexhaustible amounts of money stolen from the Russian People.

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Trump has friends ? I hope they are very generous, the money will be needed…