Discussion: Fringe Ex-U.S. Senate Candidate Publicizes Her 72-Hour Fast On Facebook

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What is this? “Crazy-ass Republican makes crazy-ass statements” day at TPM? Come to think of it, that’s everyday at TPM.


The crazy doesn’t fall far from the batshit tree, does it?

She may be fasting but it hasn’t stopped the river shit she keeps spouting.

Has she thought about maybe just hiring one?


Somehow she has to turn this into the “victim” thing while blaming obama.
50 choices, mmmm which one will she use? lol lol

Too soon.

This person is sick. This is not news.

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She’s a Republican, yo.

Fringe Ex-Senate Candidate Publically Fasting To Attract Attorney

it’s spelled ‘publicly’

Looking at her case, why would any lawyer go near anywhere near her?

I suppose she could plead insanity.

It is rough when you can’t even buy a lawyer.

To cleanse her soul will require a penance of at least 300 days of fasting, and 20Million Hail Mary’s.

Maybe that would be too simple.

But since she’s already had one attorney withdraw from the case, it could very well be that, well, her reputation precedes her, and that she’s the sort of potential client who has everyone heading for the exits, or at least tied up all day in conference, the minute she enters the building.

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No matter how crazy or horrible a client she may be, she is still entitled to an attorney to present her case, as she is still entitled to the presumption of innocence.

I’m a public defender. I’ve had my share of crazy clients who’ve wanted me to make crazy arguments to the court. It’s part of the job when you’re working criminal defense. She’s no different.

Forget about her defense attorney, has anyone told her patients that their physician is nuts? Seriously, if my doctor was on a three-day fast, I’d like to know about it. Particularly if it makes them irritable and demanding.

I remember when my daughter’s 1st grade teacher was “detoxing” on some gross liquid-only diet and I definitely thought she shouldn’t have been teaching at the time, as she didn’t have her shit together that day. But having your doctor acting loopy is a different matter entirely.

And yet still a practicing MD, apparently.

Thought? AND the notion of spending money??

Yes she is entitled to an an attorney to make her defense. Anyone that she can afford and convince to take her case.

And I suspect that the defense she wants is so over the hills far away crazy that no respectable attorney is willing to go there in a public court room.

Plus, she seems to have a bit of an issue with paying people. And as a doctor, makes far too much to qualify for a public defender.

I enjoy seeing Republicans make fools of themselves and actually say what they think so voters are forewarned. Surely the publication of all the nutballs campaigning or actually elected GOP officials will finally penetrate the brains of voters.