Discussion: Franken Spokesperson: Senator 'Plans To Resign' On January 2

But but but…it was so EMPOWERING…


I hope he runs again. The Amy Klobuchar seat could be up if she runs for president.

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Not interested. I hope people are sending her that message…


Nooooo. A thousand times, Nooooo.

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Stay Al, stay!

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Considering this was Roger Stone-orchestrated ALLEGATIONS, I would say so.


Stages of grief:


I see that some folks are still in the denial, anger and bargaining stages.

Take all the time you need, folks, but in the end we’re all going to have to move on to acceptance. Franken is leaving the Senate, whether we like it or not.

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I would have considered voting for her in the primary, before this BS.


I hope he runs for president. One because he’d be a good one, and two, it would be delicious seeing how it affected Gillebrand’s run.

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I think Franken will be seen as someone who did the right thing in a difficult situation. I hope that voters in Minnesota give him a chance to redeem himself. I say never say never. Franken could come back to be governor of Minnesota someday.


Bummer. This really didn’t have to happen.
Oh well, on with the fucking of America.

Gorsuch on the SC bench, 12 Heritage Foundation whack jobs in lifetime appointments to federal bench, a major shift in wealth to the wealthy, weaponized BS take down of the man who brought down Sessions and the destruction of Obama Care. All in all, Mitch had a pretty good year.


Uh. Babble is such an appropriate name for you.

I’m stuck in the Fuck You, Kristen Gillibrand phase which followed right on the heels of the Fuck You, Leann Tweeden phase.

Roger Stone ratfucking and the Dem women fell for it hook, line, sinker followed by the spineless men in our senate.

I don’t blame Franken for leaving - why would he want to stay with a bunch of hysterical reactionaries in his caucus?


The Democratic Party no longer wants him in the Senate.

Even after Leahy and Manchin said he should stay for the investigation, the following Democratic senators who had earlier called for him to resign reiterated their calls: Michael Bennet, Cory Booker, Sherrod Brown, Bob Casey, Kamala Harris, Jeff Merkley, Patty Murray, Gary Peters, Debbie Stabenow, Jon Tester — and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and Kirsten Gillibrand.

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There are plenty of smart, adult Dems in Minnesota; let Franken go.

And if that makes your head explode, think for a moment. Picture your Mother, or Sister, or Cousin, or Daughter, or a Female Friend. Now picture her on an intercontinental plan trip, working with Franken late into the evening. He’s getting a little punchy from the late hour, or maybe his second beer. She’s kind of tired, too. Uncomfortable yet?

He needs to go. He’s lost his credibility, and he’s no longer has the benefit of being presumed safe to be around.

Suck it up guys.

“Baby talk”? Really? I can’t say I’m in total agreement with her position on Franken, and there are legitimate criticisms to be made, but women are not babies or children, and what they have to say is worth listening to. I believe that Gillibrand is an adult.


Politics is about perception more than capability or truth nowadays…a look at the president should make that clear. I have doubts about what happened to Franken, there’s no clear proof of anything aside from the picture with Tweeden, and it’s not clear that was really out of line (considering the other things happening around it). But, as a politician, Franken was caught in something that made him look bad, and even if it was a bunch of untrue allegations that doesn’t change what happened because of them, in that he got caught in the moment where women are finally standing up and fighting back. It’s sad that it’s only taking down liberals, while people like Moore and Trump continue to have support…but that tells you something about the character of the nation and the groups within it.

We are at a moment where women are finally receiving their due, at least from part of the nation, and the turbulence around that will catch some people who probably don’t deserve to be crushed, simply because they did something considered silly and normal years or decades ago that’s not good now. That’s just how life is…the question is how we sustain the moment to make sure women are treated fairly, and extend it so we don’t have monsters like Moore almost reach the Senate anymore.


Yeah, I’m picturing it. And what I’m seeing is any male who tried anything along the lines of what Franken was accused of being on the floor clutching his balls. As for Dump, he’d be bleeding out from his torn-off testicles.

I’m also remembering all those women who worked late into the night with Al Franken under high pressure, maybe with beer or stronger stuff around, who eagerly came forward and praised his professionalism towards women.

Doesn’t change the fact that he’s not going to stay in the Senate, much as I’d want him to. But I’m not going to let people like you trash the work that he did based on one Koch-Stone sucker, a couple of vague accusations, and none other that have come forward in the time since.


Nope. Not even remotely uncomfortable. He didn’t touch her and I’ve seen plenty of women in my family and out make lewd, childish jokes all by themselves. Fuck the “what if it was your own mother or daughter” card unless there’s actually some “there” there.

And yes, he does have the benefit of being presumed safe to be around. In this country, you are innocent unless and until proven guilty through fair and just process, not just because non-credible political hacks who are proven partisan liars have decided to team up with the single most famous living GOP ratfucker to take revenge on you for getting someone from team GOP to commit perjury in testimony before congress. And you’re certainly not guilty just because a few on your own team decided it was in their OWN selfish self-interest to join in the ratfucking orgy to save face and avail themselves of the opportunity for public grandstanding.


She is an adult but is also a terrible speaker. I was looking forward to her speech at the convention. Everyone in the hall just kept talking to each other through the whole thing. I tried to listen but immediately had no idea what she said.

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