Discussion: Fox Host Scolds Bernie For Network Criticism: 'We Can Get Over The Fox Thing'

" So we can get over the Fox thing. If you’re alright with that?”

Ahh … no, nope, not happening.


“criticized the media in general for focusing more on personalities than policy”, so said the biggest beneficiary and one of the perpetrators.


Isn’t “getting over the Fox thing” an admission on their part that they are aware they are a propaganda shit show?


Bernie and Fox will get along much better when they figure out what words mean.

Sweden = Social Democracy. 80% of Americans not only like that, they think they already get that in the US, at least on paper.

China = Socialist State (with Communist Party of China the single dominant political entity). A key feature of this model is that democracy and its institutions are sacrificed for ever- growing presence in world markets and national sovereignty.

The Swedish model enshrines democracy, pays the costs of lower global market penetration and keeps national sovereignty. I think Bernie is on board with this model. If Fox is against democracy and its institutions, I would like them to clarify where they think they are going with this obfuscation.


"So we can get over the Fox thing. If you’re alright with that?”

Funny, that you don’t ever hear the hosts of the other channels having to say, "So we can get over the ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN thing. If you’re alright with that?” They’re not even great news sources - just not party propaganda outlets.


As usual:

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“criticized the media in general for focusing more on personalities than policy”

Hey, Bernie? How about criticizing a certain media outlet that constantly tells lies and is a willing propaganda arm of the GOP? How about pointing out how this same media outlet also uses their influence over that fat ass idiot in the White House to further the RW agenda of their owner, Rupert Murdoch? How about screaming at the phony journalists hosting your laughable “town hall” and calling them the anti-democratic scum that they are, along with their cohorts like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and the rest? Yeah, where’s that famous backbone of yours, Bernie? Or do you just hope that they’ll go after your Democratic primary opponents and leave you unscathed?


How many of the Fox viewers are going to dump Trump and vote for Bernie? And of course they like “Medicare for All” they all receive it already.


I think Sanders exists purely to undermine the democratic party in anything it does.


None. The same thing will happen now that happened in 2016 in W. VA: Saint Bernard won the Dem primary and the voters then turned around and voted for Rump in the general.


Well, he is not the FIRST “Sanders” to appear on FOX.

His wife appeared multiple times during the 2016 campaign (AFTER Bernie lost the Nomination!) to bash Hillary mercilessly and the Democrats in general.

Thanks a lot Mrs. Sanders. I hope your 30 pieces of silver were enough.


I think the bought-and-paid-for Democratic establishment and their 1% donors owners are doing everything they can to undermine Sanders.

The bought-and-paid-for incumbent Democratic leadership hate voters having a choice almost as much as Republicans.

Stop Sanders’ Democrats Are Agonizing Over His Momentum


Sanders is doing everything he can to undermine Sanders.


We don’t have to do ANYTHING to “undermine Sanders”, he is dong a great job of that all on his own.

There are lots of qualified and interesting candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination this time around so his: “Angry College Professor who is a Victim of “Big Money”!!!” act is just boring now (especially since he has the most cash of any of the candidates so his whining rings specious and hollow.) He is a “One Trick Pony” who STILL has not released his Taxes from 2016 onward, so, in the words of the last Great President: “Please Proceed.”


Proof or are you just making stuff up this morning?

Yeah, I thought so.

He seems to know what he is doing.

Well, yes, he has. So you are just making stuff up this morning.

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Btch to btch…‘They NEVER give us a chance and come on our network!’ ‘Couldn’t you just GET OVER this FOX thing you have?’ Honest to Pete. Pass the popcorn.

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I predict that by next year (Spring/Summer 2020), there won’t be any discussion of Sanders at all. He’ll be in the rear view mirror by then. Why? Because another candidate will have sucked all the oxygen out of his campaign. Much like he did with SoS Clinton. Right now, he’s riding the fumes of name recognition. That’ll burn off as soon as the other candidates rev up in earnest.


So somehow you think if Bernie is not in the race there is no choice? That the ‘bought-and-paid-for Democratic establishment’ won’t ALLOW it? This sounds suspiciously like the crap from the 'bots in 2016. C’mon. We don’t HAVE to play this game again.


With the top Democrat Nancy Pelosi working to use the DCCC to stop primary challengers to her bought-and-paid-for incumbent base, it is clear as daylight that the establishment Democrats like her don’t want to give Democratic voters a choice.

I prefer Warren, personally, but I am glad to see all these candidates in the race.