Discussion: Fox Host Blasts Scalise: 'The Moral Courage Would Be To Step Down'

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Just imagine if it was a black Democrat in the whip position and it turned out that he had spoken to a gathering of the Black Panthers?

Greta Van Susteren is showing some moral courage (She made this comment on ABC but not on Faux.), but Scalise stepping down is a no-brainer. The reason he is not stepping down is because HE and the GOTP are no-brainers.


"If you want to send a messages to the American people, Republicans and Democrats,

Why must she put out this false equivalency statement? It is not Democrats who fear their party or any of their member of Congress is in bed with David Duke or other hatemongers. Pols in LA have been in bed with Duke for at least 20 years, but very subtly and removed from the source of the hatred. So far it works for them.


I rarely agree with Greta. Just to manage the cosmetics, whether you believe it of not, it seems wise for Scalise to disappear. Will the democrats give this opportunity the exposure it needs & deserves? Probably not.


It looks like the next two years are going to be very entertaining as the GOP starts to rattle itself apart like a dryer with a bowling ball inside.


Scalise should step down why? He perfectly represents the Southern Republicans. That’s why he was chosen. It’s time for Republicans to embrace David Duke and all he stands for. They have been doing that (and pretending otherwise) since Nixon invented the “Southern Strategy,” which allowed the Republicans to capture the South. Keeping Scalise in the leadership is an act of political honesty. Racists need representation, too!


And you’re probably right. No you are right, the dems won’t say a word the only one with a spine is Alan Grayson.


Actually Greta, it sends the Republican message to the American people. That message is, “We don’t care about black people”.


Does she use the same plastic surgeon as Bruce Jenner? You could swear that they are the same person.


Just like they did in Dubya’s first term. They floundered so badly that Bush had a 28% approval rating before 9/11 changed it all. Then they floundered badly, but America was on a war footing and Dubya only had to stuff his flight suit with a sock and declare “Mission Accomplished”.


Greta talking about honor, that’s rich!


“If the republicans want to send a message…”

They DO want to send a message, and the message is loud and clear. They simply do not care what the American people think, or what concerns them. They will continue to ignore the people and do whatever their monied masters require. THAT is the message they send every day, and it’s not going to change in the foreseeable future. Maybe after 2016 it will change, but we’ll just have to wait to see.


Great moments in image consulting: "The sock goes in FRONT, Mr. President! "


The logic would be to make sure Republicans are really against white supremacy, before talking about moral courage.from where I sit it looks more like the racists sticking up for themselves.


Umm, the Black Panthers are nowhere near being in the same league as the KKK. One fought for justice, the other for injustice.


You are absolutely correct, but to Faux Noise and their white, old, angry and cowardly pant shitting* viewers, the Black Panthers (Who are mostly gray these days.) are in their eyes a death squad.

*Cowardly Pant Shitting is a term describing the whimpering fear of old white conservatives who see all minorities as criminals who threaten to steal everything, burn their houses down, beat up their wives and rape the men.
This phrase was originally coined by TPM commentator Sniffit.


Or in other words: “You’re scaring the straights”.

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True. And it makes grit’s statement more apropos, not less.


The Jowly Roger and his propaganda channel are only concerned about what Scalise’s associations will do the the GOP brand and its chances to grab all the power in 2016. Otherwise, it’s a feature that has great appeal to the base.


Is the KKK message “We Don’t Care About Black People” ? Really? I thought it was closer to: “We really, really, really Hate Black people, and they better stay away from our Wimin.”