Discussion: 'Fox And Friends' Host Jokes He Doesn't Wash His Hands, Internet Runs Wild

The problem is that it’s just so plausible, coming from faux schmooze/


Please proceed. I won’t be shaking hands with you anyway. (And, with any luck, I won’t be shaking hands with anyone who would shake hands with you.) It would take a whole lot more than washing hands to help you get clean in any case.


Fox News host Pete Hegseth made a quip about never washing his hands Monday that was so widely covered that it has made international headlines.

Hey Kate, you gotta work on your sentence structure. Just sayin’.

Yeah, clearly Chris Hayes knows I’m joking!

Don’t you people know what a question mark is used for$


Yeah, and work on content, too. This is so not news. Really it’s not.


Poe’s law: without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken as a sincere expression of the parodied views.

The more stupid or insane a Fox & Friends host sounds the more plausible it could be an accurate characterization of his/her belief or behavior.


Ironically, I do a full body bleach anytime I even think about FUX News, which fortunately is rarely…


His dick however he washes several times a day.

Someone recently kind a bitched when I posted a link to Rawstory that they go a lot of their stories off somewhere like politico. So it’s funny they had a story about this on their sight yesterday.

LOL! With hand moisturizer.

Well here we have it, Fox and Friend is a public health hazard. So how long till the county health dept. shuts them down?


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TPM needs to add a thumbs down button for stories that we click on because we trust TPM to always be newsworthy and want them to know when they let us down. Clicking on articles indicates that we want more of that sort of thing, so we need an option to show that we regret clicking on articles that make us dumber for having read them.

I mean, if he was honestly saying that he doesn’t wash his hands because he doesn’t believe in germs, that’s newsworthy because we need to know how far back conservative influencers want to turn back the clock on science. But if TPM posts articles every time someone wrongly mistakes dumb conservative jokes as truth just because they’re not funny, you wouldn’t have time for anything else.


He was joking. Let’s not get into a tizzy about it. When was getting into a tizzy ever exactly the right response to a situation?

I hear you. At the same time, I think that button is “don’t open the article.” I assume the editors routinely note which articles generate traffic and which don’t, and that those results help drive the editors’ sense of what the audience views as newsworthy. I also suspect TPM has several different audiences, and perhaps some of them are really concerned with the blow-by-blow on the social web.

As an example, I didn’t read the original article over the weekend about this incident. I only clicked on today’s installment because I was curious about the subsequent internet “explosion.”

But her emails? :wink:


He’s part of #theresistance!

He’s trying to kill off the Fox Rascal Brigade.

When your entire schtick is to advance incredibly stupid and long debunked ideas in full seriousness, you don’t get the benefit of the doubt when you advance an incredibly stupid and long debunked idea as a joke.


But I want to click on EVERYTHING TPM has to offer, in hopes that they’re gatekeepers and not just clickbaiters. And you’re right that they use traffic to decide what we want, but that’s exactly the problem. I’d like to register my regret any time I click on an article I regret reading.

I assumed from the headline that he said something dumb that he now was claiming was a joke. But it sounds like he just said a humorless joke because conservatives don’t understand comedy and people mistook it as true because it was so pointless if he was joking. I feel dumber for having wasted time thinking about this.


Why’s he bashing Chris Hayes?