Discussion: Former Sen. Thad Cochran Dies At 81

Rest in peace.


He’s being fitted for the appropriate afterlife accoutrements:

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Too bad for Thad that he didn’t die before selling his soul to Trump.

St Peter is going to head some bad news for Thad.

I wish these old fuckers would retire earlier. Don’t they want to spend time with their grandkids? He was in the Senate for nearly 40 years and only quit so he could finish dying. Thanks.


Are you kidding? These GOP Senators get the best healthcare on earth while purposely denying it to everybody else with every chance they get. They live for that shit. He only retired when he got news that even with the best healthcare, there was probably nothing more medical science could do for him. Not surprising then that he finally decided to spend more time with his family.

To assume that all these politicians love spending time with their families I suspect would be a bit of a stretch. I think some politicians run to serve in DC just so they can get away from their families.


a Cochran thread


Mississippi. Always in the top five of the worst places to live. Thanks for your hard work, Thad.

If one is not supposed, by social convention, to speak ill of the dead, then why did TPM post this article?


Actually, that would be the Klan-sympathizer who replaced him, Cindy Hyde-Smith.

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I know that Jefferson Davis was a Mississippi Senator, but really, a portrait of the head traitor in your office?

Condolences to his family and friends.

Aside from that:

spent more than 45 years in Congress and retired in April 2018 due to health issues.

I strongly believe that our culture is ageist and we neglect our elders (maybe some would be less prone to mainlining Fox News if things were different).

That said, this is f-ing ridiculous. There are too many reps hanging on to their seats until they’re ready to die of old age.

There’s nothing wrong with someone becoming a rep in older age or having a couple in each legislature who’ve been there for decades but it’s hard not to see some of our current problems not being related to there being too many of both. This needs to become politically toxic so only the most deserving are able to stay on.

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