Discussion: Former Romney Supporter: I Don't Want Him To Be Like Brett Favre

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Well, I don’t want Romney sending out photos of his junk, either…so I have to agree with her.


None dare call him Harold Stassen. Well, none of them, anyway . . .


is she referring to Bretts ‘most fumbles’ record ?

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A former politician making Favre comparisons is the least of the problems Mittens is going to confront Murdoch is throwing him overboard, under the bus, you pick the metaphor, in favor of Jebbie.


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That won’t win any independents in Wisconsin.

When you think about it, being like Favre might not be such a BAD thing

I mean he DID win a Super Bowl.


Voodoo Economics meets the Tooth Fairy.


Christ, in six months Romney will be quoting Robert LaFollette!


So…does that mean Romney favours gay marriage to lift 10% of the population out of poverty? Will the same incentives be offered? Or does marriage as an anti-poverty policy only apply if people are heterosexual?

Oh, the tangled web we weave when we mix sky fairy stories with discrimination…

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For whatever Brett Favre’s shortcomings, he is not a loser like Romney, so the analogy really falls apart.


Another Reason why Mittens is not like Brett Favre:

Mittens was never in the Oval Office and thus didn’t have a chance to overthrow anybody.

I got PAGES of this stuff.

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When we hear the name 'Mitt Romney," Brett Favre is not the sports figure who comes to mind.


too late for that now!

This is a clear violation of Saint Reagan’s 9th Commandment. Mitt Romney is a great candidate and has the necessary experience and organization. As a former vulture capitalist, tax cheat and pension thief, he is most qualified to take on the corporate kleptocrats, the Kochs and others who are trying to destroy individual freedoms and trample on the Constitution with help from the RATS on the Supreme Court.

I understand Mitt Romney is furious at the disrespect shown to him by the Koch Brothers, Steven King and Rupert Murdoch. The Solamere vulture hedge fund he and Tagg Romney own has made it a priority to drive the Koch and Murdoch empires bankrupt and steal their pension funds.

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It’s not stated in precise language, but given the differing flavors of conservatism between Mississippi and Utah, I think it’s safe to at least IMPUTE some natural differences in imagery.

For example, I shouldn’t think it’s necessarily fair to visualize actual Romney junk as being referred to here, where pretty much the same effect could well be achieved by magical Mittundies.

Also, Romney having attended Harvard even if only on some limited items speedy check-thru line, I’d expect to be roughly conversant with the differences between metaphors and similes.

“‘If [marriage] is essential to helping people stay out of poverty, then we want to do the opposite,’ Romney said”

Yes Governor, we know.

January 1997 - - like Mitt - greatest accomplishments occurred in the previous century.

He’s really more like a Salt Lake City weatherman.

LOOK at him!

“Hey, Mitt, how’s the weather out there?”

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