Discussion: Former Israeli President, Nobel Laureate Shimon Peres Dies At 93

Just about all informed people know that the Nobel Peace Prize has become b.s. with the corrupt committee awarding it to the most vicious war criminal in the planet’s history: Obama. Obama has now destroyed the lives of more people than Hitler ever did our could. Obama wields unbelievable power, all corrupt and murderous. This Israeli dead guy is every bit the vicious assassin and torturer that is Obama, but he didn’t have the worldwide power that does Obama. However, the jr. project manager Obama’s power is in large measure due to his taking his marching orders from his evil employers: CIA, NSA and Israel.

This is not about the Nobel Peace Price, it is about Shimon Peres, former PM of Israel.

Out early trolling, I see. Stormfront is waiting for you.

RIP Sir. You were a great man!

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Trump’s statement: I morn the passing of Prime Minister Perez, a forceful advocate for the Latin people. Their beauty pageant contestants are so hot, except the ones who gain weight. We’re building a wall!

You need to get back on your meds!